Disconnected? Do you feel disconnected from your true self and a desire to somehow be and express more of who you really are? Do you feel a lack of connection with others, and the need for closer more genuine relating with friends, co-workers, and community? If you answered yes to either or both questions, you’re certainly not alone. You’re part of a big group whose membership is growing all the time!

Striving For Fulfillment? So many people have told me that they want to be free to be themselves and are tired of trying to be who they think they “should” be to achieve success. Some say, despite their striving, they feel stuck not able to find “success.” Others say they have achieved good results in some area of life like business or finances, yet all remain unfulfilled. They long to feel whole, to feel the satisfaction of living authentically and expressing their purpose.

Separate? Many more feel empty and alone, separate somehow from both those that are close to them, and the greater community. In a society that is increasingly high-tech and rational we are hungry for “high-touch” – deep connection with others on an emotional and soulful level. Being disconnected from ourselves, we can’t help but fail to connect with others. We search for fulfillment in things outside us, while the answers and the peace we crave wait within us where we are truly all connected.

Your Healing Is Needed. Particularly now in our history we need connectedness and the ability to live with purpose and compassion. The end of violence must come not from more violence but from ending separation within each of us and among all of us. We can heal now and leave our children a legacy of love and peace rather than hate and violence. In this powerful time of world change, you can lead the way by simply being who you truly are. And if you are motivated to do so, the world needs you to express your heart power and leadership.

Learn. You can learn to become whole on your own but it is very difficult. Expressed simply the steps include:
· Know Yourself – increase your self-awareness to find the places where you stop yourself. Develop your emotional literacy, the ability to sense, understand, and regulate emotions, to enable being in the present moment instead of reacting impulsively to each situation.

· Claim Yourself – distinguish your essence; your core values and life’s purpose, from your adopted personas. Accept your true self without conditions. Live in integrity, and express your creative potential.

· Give Yourself – Develop your empathy and connect compassionately with others. Give your gift by living your purpose with passion and, cultivating a spirit of service.

Get Support. If you have read a self-help book and had limited success in implementing the ideas in a lasting way, you recognize the challenge. For most, this kind of life change happens best with instruction and support. You don’t have to struggle with this alone while your sense of self inevitably erodes. You can get yourself a holistic coach or spiritual director for one-on-one instruction and support. You can also enroll in a personal growth development program. There are many to choose from, some spiritually based, some focus on behavioral change, some are a combination of those things.

Where Do You Look? Personal growth, transformational education, and spiritual organizations can be found in most cities. You can search the Internet for self-help, personal growth, emotional intelligence, transformation or self-mastery and you will find information and alternatives that will lead to the next step. If you would like a list of web links or organizations and programs, including information on our new Unchain My Heart program (http:www.unchainmyheart.com)created just to meet this need, please email or call the author. But whatever it is do it now. Your heart will tell you when you have found what is right for you.

Go beyond your resistance. Of course, whenever we are confronted with the possibility of change we meet our resistance - Our fear of letting go of what is known and familiar to us to enter the unknown chaos of creation. Our mind will loyally attempt to protect us from the perceived threat of change and will desperately cling to the past. We come up with many reasons why we should not go ahead. We have all met our resistance before, maybe when we have decided to break a habit, adopt a new behavior, or learn something new. Resistance may express as fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss, not enough time or money or all the many ways we block ourselves. Your intention to Be your Self must be stronger than your resistance.

Break Free! Don’t wait any longer to be free! You can let your fear stop you or you can break the chains that bind you and all of us to limitation and discontent. Commit to re-claiming your authentic self. Increase your self-awareness and discover the ways that you hold yourself back. Accept and love all of yourself and fully express your unique abilities. Learn to set aside limiting thoughts, beliefs, and feelings and make new choices based on your life’s purpose. And, as you are faithful to yourself, you will learn to trust again – opening your heart first to yourself and then to others to let the love in

Author's Bio: 

Joseph Liberti, is a Colorado Springs-based Whole Life Coach and emotional intelligence trainer, who supports people to reclaim authentic Self,successfully express their life purpose, and experience unconditional love. Joseph is also co-creator and co-facilitator of the Unchain My Heart Program and welcomes your questions and comments at 719-228-9177, jliberti@eqatwork.com, Ask The Coach at www.eqatwork.com or
visit http:www.unchainmyheart.com