You can recreate your life through making simple physical changes in your home or office that can enhance your execution in expanding your personal and business purpose. You can literally live in your intentions. Look around you. What do you see, and more importantly, what is it saying to you? Is it positive or negative? Let’s explore a few ways that you can empower your surroundings to help you out.

Focal Points

The first thing you see when you enter a room sets the intention for that room and its purpose. It is usually the wall opposite the door. Stand in the doorway. Notice the first thing that catches your attention when you enter the room. This is your focal point—is it a positive image or message? Is it in alignment with your dreams, values, and passions and the specific use of the room? For example, a master bedroom is about the couple that shares it, so make it a place to celebrate your union. Use only images of couples, or better yet, of the two of you on your wedding day and doing what you love together. There are plenty of places in other parts of the house for pictures of the family. Use your imagination! The focal point acts as the title page for the room. What is the title for each room in your home?


How does each room flow? We naturally feel better when we flow in a clockwise direction. Is your home allowing that? Are there sharp angles that are not comfortable to walk around? Are there piles that block walkways and stuff behind doors that prevents you from entering a room with ease? If there is something that just doesn’t feel right, move it, or let it go. Don’t struggle against any area of your environment. Those little annoyances, whether you are conscious of them or not, really do deeply affect your quality of life. Imagine how much all the little expenditures of energy over those annoyances are costing your well-being. Couldn’t your energy be better spent toward what makes you happy?


Okay. Breathe. There is hope, I promise. As a “sentimental saver,” first, stop beating yourself up over having clutter and being powerless over it. This only creates more clutter—in your thoughts and emotions. Everything that you see has an association, a memory and emotion you process subconsciously and, at times, consciously. This makes clutter exhausting as there is a finite amount of space in your life—whether it be physical, temporal, or mental.

Be gentle with yourself in letting clutter go. Make this fun—don’t focus on the letting go but on making room for your dreams and goals. You will find that you have room for a new hobby or business with the space that you create when you let go. You will find that your energy level increases, stress subsides, and productivity increases when you let go of the clutter that you do not need.

Commanding Position

This is such a subtle foundation of being a comfortable human being. We naturally feel empowered when we are in a commanding position, and this means simply always sitting and sleeping facing the door. For example, positioning your bed to be able to face the door is a key aspect of having a great night’s sleep. I have seen many people with home offices skyrocket in their prosperity and productivity when we move their desks from facing the wall with their backs to the door, as if they work in a cubicle. We turn the desk around with the added intention that they are giving themselves a promotion to CEO. This radically alters the whole mind-set of their approach to their workspace and, in turn, their success.

Here is an exercise to try:

Stand in a room with your back to the door. Close your eyes, and observe your comfort level.
Turn around and face the door. Close your eyes, and observe how you feel.
In which direction did you feel best? Facing the door, right? Can you see how this is an important element to positioning yourself, literally, for success?


Now, let it go. You’ve put out your intentions. Let them come to you. A little goes a long way. Your intention is far more powerful than anything you can do. In fact, this external process is more internal because if at your core you don’t believe that you deserve miracles, you will block them. Influencing your surroundings to manifest your goals is paramount in achieving your success. Even if right this moment you don’t think you deserve all that you dream of, I do. I know you deserve it!

You will find that this process becomes a great creative outlet to expressing who you are and what you love. It will open up new levels of your quality of life. As your life progresses, you will find that your home will change with you and keep cheering you on and reflecting where you are going. You will create a dynamic conversation between your inner and outer worlds.

Be open to opportunities and gifts of which you had previously never thought. Be receptive to getting exactly what you want, just not the way you imagined it, but better. Have fun with this! Let your surroundings be your call to action, your reminder to take the steps needed to live in your dreams while awake. Remember: you deserve it!

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