We are all a little stressed around the Holidays because it seems like everything has to be done at once.

It is an endless cycle of cleaning the house, getting Christmas cards ready for mailing, writing a Christmas list and then comes the shopping, wrapping and planning the holiday meal.

What if I were to give you some hints, to help to take some of the stress out of the Holidays?

• Instead of a sit down meal, make it buffet style and let
everyone sit where they choose.
• Make things ahead of time so all you have to do is heat and
• Have everyone bring a favorite dish to pass
• Plan a joint party with another family member and have someone
to share the work
• Instead of a meal, have homemade breads, cookies, muffins or
• Everyone loves Pizza, even at Christmas time; have a good
variety on hand.

• Do the dusting and get the cobwebs off of the walls; save the
carpet cleaning, you will need it after Christmas
• Vacuuming takes away the dust, pet hair and refreshes a room;
plus, if you put baking soda on the carpeting, will give your
room a fresh odor.
• Wipe over the kitchen cabinets after you have finished with the
dishes on a weekend. It will give the kitchen a clean fresh
• It takes only 10 minutes to wash the outside of the
refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher, using a solution
of ammonia and water and will shine for weeks.

Wrapping Center
• Set up a wrapping center in the spare room, basement, or a
corner of the living room.
• Keep all of your paper, gift tags, tape, a pen, scissors and
ribbon handy. I use my husbands nail (carpenters) apron for
everything except the tape. It is always handy and I do not
loose it under the wrapping paper.
• Tape a large bag to the back of a chair for garbage and
stickers and a smaller bag to hold bows for the presents.
• Take your paper toweling off the dispenser and use it for
holding your ribbon.
• Keep all of the wrapping paper cutoffs to use for smaller

Packing up Christmas
• Label all of your boxes with a list of what is inside.
• Put all of your outside lights and decorations in a separate
box that has easy access for next year
• Pack all of your Christmas towel, pot holders, tablecloths and
placemats in one box
• Put a red and green 'X' on boxes, use magic markers or use
colored construction paper for your labels, that have Christmas
items in them
• Try to put all of the breakables in one box and use shredded
junk mail to fill up the gaps in the boxes

Small Hints
• Take the stress out of Christmas and give yourself time to
enjoy the holidays by using shortcuts.
• Keep track of what you purchase for a certain person from year
after year, you may be able to purchase an accessory to go with
• Keep your lists with you, so if you find a bargain you know who
will receive it and can add it to your list.

Organization can help you to make Christmas stress free and a holiday to REALLY look forward too.

Author's Bio: 

Jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer that likes to find ways to Work Smarter-NOT Harder. She has more tips and hints, free pamphlets and newsletter at http://www.organizingandcleaning.com