There’s no need to wait for big things to happen to live life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest is as easy as finding joy in small as well as large things. You can experience joy just by changing your attitude.

This year and every year my family made the trek to South Jersey to spend Thanksgiving with my sister. The difference this time was that the temperature in South Jersey rivaled the temperature in Florida—HOT! The unseasonably high temperatures gave me a gift of profound joy.

As you read this article you will begin to see and start to feel the joy I felt. For the last couple of years I’ve taken the bus from South Jersey to New York. The trip is usually rather dull as we travel pass leafless trees and I along with almost everyone else go to sleep. This time the trees were full of leaves displaying a riot of vivid fall colors, as if saying “look at me.” The usually gray sky was not to be left out as it presented in azure splendor with golden sun filtering through the white puffy clouds.

Do you remember a time when your whole body was infused with unspeakable joy, tingling all over? You felt like a sponge soaking in every good thing in your environment. Squeezing the sponge causes your joy to bubble over infecting everyone with it touches with happiness. That’s how I felt as I observed the beauty outside while listening to the sound of the wheels on the pavement and the snoring passengers as I watched the cars dart in and out.

Let me tell you a secret. The first time I took the bus to New York, I was unsure, intimidated and afraid. This time it felt like greeting an old friend when I arrived at Port Authority. This is often the case when we start something new. The first time you did something new or different you were afraid and unsure, and then the next time it seemed easier. Discovering joy in small things gets easier and is as important to your life as sunshine.

Amazingly, I moved confidently through the crowds (not wanting to appear a tourist), found my way out to the street and inhaled! Wow, I love the smell of New York; its unique smells are like no other city.

While in New York, I interviewed several people who live joyous intriguing lives. Interestingly when I asked them what brought them the most joy, they all said serving others. As they talked about their service to others their faces glowed and I could visibly see them relax and the joy they experienced.

Serving others can be as simple as giving someone a smile to working on the soup line to paying for someone’s college education or anything in between. Recognizing others as real people is a start in being of service to others. In being of service to others, act boldly. Take on meaningful challenges and pursue lofty goals.

By now you can see that you can make a difference and create joy at will, anytime you want. The first time you create joy for yourself as you are in service to others can cause fear and intimidation. The more and more you experience joy in small things for yourself, the easier it becomes to serve others giving them joy.

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