In the Chinese medicine system, the liver is associated with conditions involving hypertension, anemia, headaches at the top of the head, and the emotions of anger or compassion.

This simple qi gong liver release will empower you to begin cultivating an internal calmness within the liver meridian (energy pathway) to balance health manifestations that have an energetic root in the liver.

You can also use this medical qi gong release to calm yourself at the end of the day and help encourage restful sleep.

To begin, sit quietly in a comfortable position and exhale deeply.

Put your hands over your liver, located on the right side of the body under the rib cage.

A. Exhale as you tap the liver 5 times. Imagine releasing gray, heavy energy as you tap. Imagine releasing any feelings of anger or frustration.

B. Inhale and visualize serene, green energy flooding through the liver and nourishing feelings of peace and compassion.

Repeat steps A & B, 4 more times.

Place hands, palm over palm facing inward, over the area one inch below your belly button. Imagine storing vital energy at this point.

Breathe deeply and relax.

Know that you are prepared for whatever lies ahead in your day, evening or night.

Author's Bio: 

Kay Hutchinson, CAMQ, CAMT is a certified advanced medical qi gong practitioner who combines qi emission with acupressure, psychology and herbal medicine into a practice of empowering others with skills in internal cultivation. She is also the publisher of "Health Prosperity," an ezine dedicated to helping people achieve optimal wellness across body, mind and spirit. Last, Kay is an energetic life coach, guiding others to recognize the significance of certain energetic patterns in their lives and how these patterns impact career, family relationships and health.