It was not until recently that I learned the importance of living consciously. While I have been living a conscious life for some time now, I am actually referring to geographical location. Are you consciously living where you want to be? Where you will prosper the most? Are you close to the things that energize you? Did you choose where you are living or did your parents or grandparents chose where you are living?

I have found that many people are born into a geographical area and stay there – forever. They believe that their life is centered on a one-hundred mile radius that is close to family, friends, and a perceived comfort. While I am not recommending everyone pack up their belongings and leave all their obligations behind like I did over a year ago; I am challenging people to question whether where they are living is actually a conscious choice, or if they are living where they are because someone else chose it for them.

Really think about this.

Just over a year ago, I sold my house, packed up my belongings, and moved across the country to Denver, Colorado. At the time, I was nervous, scared, and excited. I had never lived outside of the Central Florida area before, and neither had most of my friends or family members. But the past fourteen months have proven to be just what I needed! I do not know if this is the answer for everyone, but I do believe that some of us have been living in the wrong place. Places where we are STUCK. Places where we cannot prosper. Places that are HOLDING us back.

Take a good look around you; make sure you are consciously choosing to live in a place where you will prosper and succeed. If you realize you are not, start taking the steps to make that change. Start today.

Author's Bio: 

Andrea Costantine is the Owner of Courageous Living, LLC. She is a Business Success Coach for spiritually minded entrepreneurs helping them turn their passion and purpose into a profitable business. She is the author of the Business Breakthroughs weekly Ezine and provides group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and speaking engagements. Andrea can be contacted through