Are you consciously living your life to the fullest?
Or are you just a walking avatar without heart vibes going through your being and out to the universe?

If you truly want to share and live a purposeful life here on this plane, follow some of the secrets below and start to consciously live.

1. Be aware of all things, your environment, the beauty of simple things and your being a part of the universe.
2. Live using all your luxuries. Don’t save them for a special occasion. Leonardo enjoyed fine clothes, velvets, silks and satins. He dined tasting the food and relishing the different flavors. He selected special people that he liked to keep close friendship with and enjoy their conversation and intelligence.
3. One of the awareness is that of listening. Quiet yourself and tune in to all the noises around you. Listen for unusual sounds and pick up the vibrations of different sounds within your space. Suspend any analytical thoughts and stay in the present. Just allow the sounds without judging what they are.
4. Check into your feelings. If there are tense feelings within the body, breathe deeply and when you exhale, release all the tension from the body and go into a quieter, calmer state of being.
5. Is there anger or harsh feelings that keep coming into your mind and vision. Again breathe deeply and when you exhale release the anger and harsh feeling as they are poison to your system.
6. Sit in this type of meditation for 10 to 15 minutes release all negative beliefs or judgmental thoughts from your space and mind.
7. As you come out of the meditation, check your energy level. You will find that with the release of poison from your system, you are feeling much better.
8. Take out a blank sheet of paper and begin to brain write about how you felt in the process and awareness. Write without editing your thoughts or words. What happened in the listening, the noises, your thoughts and your moods?
9. Go into activity with lightness in your step and a lifted spirit in your being. Think like Leonardo with a full awareness of who you are and your surroundings.
10. Speak and listen to the sound and words. Do they speak the goodness from your heart?
11. Give up the judgment and criticism of others. Live in harmony, choosing your friends, business acquaintances and explore the newness in others.
12. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your life. In so doing you will be kind to others.
13. Feel your essence internally and outside your being. Let others be aware of the presence.
14. Stand in the Power of who you are. Walk tall and speak softly with authority.
15. Embrace family, friends and business connections to increase a better relationship. Create traditions and fun in what you do.
16. Work with joy in your heart, doing the best job possible and be proud of the outcome.
17. Everyday in some way improve who you are thorough the use of your talents
18. Pick up the spirit of Leonardo, there was not a thing he could not do and he did it superbly using all his talents.
19. He lived in an awareness of all things. He studies the humming birds and invented the helicopter. Their wings did not go up and down but around which assisted them in staying in a stationery position.
20. Look at the world through different eyes, ears, nose and feelings.
21. Realize that you are power and don’t step on your power cord!

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June Davidson - Founder of Coaching Firm International, Founder of International Education Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to support young people's education, Director of the Pasadena Chapter of For You Network, and the National Association of Female Executives-Entrepreneurs. She is also currently serving on the Board of Regents for National Heritage Foundation.

June is an internationally recognized trainer, author, certified action coach and one of the most sought after conference speakers. She trains CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurs to become powerful leaders and effective communicators.

For more than 15 years, June Davidson has specialized in research and training for: Leadership, Certified Seminar Leading, and Certified Coaching. She also teaches courses that offer Continuing Education Units for: PhD Therapists, LCSW, CPA, Attorneys, and Doctors, and teaches on the campus at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

une has authored of over 20 teaching manuals covering such topics as customer service, communication, stress, goal setting, selling, financial and lifestyle protection, and ethics.

She is the author of:

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She is also an adjunct professor at the University of Bucharest, Romania teaching Leadership Skills for Women, Certified Seminar Leaders Training, Certified Action Coaching And Marketing, and Communication Skills for Executives.

She was awarded First Place in the Educational Division at Invention Convention, an international event, for outstanding educational material, design, dynamics and marketing for businesses.

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