Reading O. Carl Simonton's, The Healing Journey, or David Simon's, Return to Wellness, we come to believe the possibility that states of mind influence the body, the immune system, and perhaps the course of disease.

In many aspects of our lives the response to the problem is much more important than the problem itself. Hopelessness and helplessness keep us from moving forward into action and healing. Maybe it is how we interpret stress, as either an oppressor or motivator that is the key. Once diagnosed with disease stress is a factor we can control. Perhaps inspiration lies beyond our current beliefs, our paradigms, and our bonds, in a world of miracles, wonder, and unlimited possibilities.

On the deepest level we have tenacity for survival. When we are immobilized by fear of pain, loss, dependency, disfigurement or non-existence our lifeline is action. Action taken daily towards healthy eating, proper exercise, setting strong boundaries, clearing up the muddle, connecting with our spirituality, and exploring who we truly are, can renew our sense of hope.

The physician and his team are your trusted gatekeepers. No form of disease is hopeless. All forms inspire new research and solutions. Be the hero in your own life reborn to all your potentialities.

Get engaged in every aspect of your life, body, mind, and spirit, to achieve optimal health. Involve a partner, or teams of partners. Teams beat disease.

Is your soul or spirit self a friendly play to be? Are you in sync with your connectedness to the world? Have you questioned and explored your own sacred excellence? Spirituality is a way of looking at yourself and others that surrenders you to a greater power. A healthy sense of spirituality keeps you in flow emotionally and may transcend to your physical body.

Your body is the expression of your inner self. Worship and honor it through exercise and wholesome eating. With just three to five hours of physical activity a week at a moderate pace women with breast cancer decreased their risk of relapse.* Get those endorphins, your natural opioids working for you.

Customize your exercise program based on the diagnosis, the treatment, your energy level, and the recommendations of your physician. Once your physician has cleared you to exercise consider the five components of fitness in the plan.

Your mind projects the energy within you. When you have clarity of what you want, what you value, and what you worship, you can live a joy filled life by integrating these components.

Come to a simpler life, invest in yourself and discover your unique values. Fulfillment comes from being your true self, maintaining and reflecting that self, and loving it. Discovery takes action and action grows hope.

Tomorrow is based on the action we take today. Do what you truly know is best for you. Relish every moment, every nuance, every essence of your being. Perhaps in being true to our self care we transcend disease.

Author's Bio: 

Danielle Vindez holds the vision of optimal health, conscious eating, proper exercise, and mental balance, for all those seeking to transform their lives.

Danielle is a graduate of UCLA, and Coach University. She holds certifications from International Coach Federation, American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the American Council on Exercise, and the Arthritis Foundation.
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