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"If I'm not accepted, I'm not okay."

Has that ever been your motto? Be honest with yourself, now.Don't you secretly think this? Sure, you might have that "inner wall" of resistance to a statement like that which responds with something like, "I don't care if peopleaccept me" or "hey if they don't like me, it's their problem"or something like that. But responses like that areusually unconsciously used as a temporary way to avoid the truth.

If you can honestly say, "Okay, I admit it...I'll sometimes do what Ican so that I create a favorable impression - after all, it's better to beliked than not liked," then you can give yourself a pat on the back, because you can at least admit there is an underlying need for approval.

Would you like to be rid of that need? Seriously, would you? And, instead,just be able to accept complements as "icing on the cake" - and, hey,if you don't get them, that's just fine too? Truly, if you are willing to faceup to what we're talking about here, then you're in for happier days -GUARANTEED!

The workplace is a prime example of how this inner game can sabotageyour self esteem. Why do you let this happen? Getting along withco-workers is not always an easy task - pleasing the boss can seem likea never-ending cycle. The need to be viewed as "someone pretty special" in theeyes of co-workers can often result in mental exhaustion at the end of yourworkday that you could just do without! No wonder you often can't waitto get home! (Be honest, does any of this sound familiar?)

Vernon Howard once said, "There is no pleasing the fear of displeasingothers."

That statement is a "pot of gold" if you'll just pick it up. Would you like to?Would you like to start immediately changing your view on the role thatapproval-seeking has in your life - both at home, in your social life,and perhaps especially in the workplace?

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