I have a friend who'd been working very hard to put on an innovative "structured networking event" for the Mississauga Board of Trade. As much as I wanted to support her, it was called for 7:00 am. My love for sleep made me question several times if I really needed to go. Each time the answer was yes.

So there I was, early morning. loading up with rubbery eggs and sitting down next to a female accountant at a round table. She looked just like you'd expect a female accountant to look, pleasant but plain, a little overweight, no make-up, neatly dressed in her navy suit, but not designer flair. I noticed her name tag said 'Jean Keene' so I made a comment to the effect that, 'Your name rhymes.'.

To which she replied in a rap beat.
"Jean Keene, the lean, mean accounting machine.” I laughed because it was so incongruous with what she looked like. And the beat was catchy. But it really stuck with me she was memorable. It tells people what she does, that she's very reasonable, no nonsense and damn good at what she does. I loved it. In answer to my questions, she described that as her tag line, something that let's people know who she is and what she does. She had learned it at some workshop. (I'd give her an A+.)

What neither of us knew, was that the guest speaker was going to describe that exact thing in different words. He wanted us to each construct a short concise sentence that we could say on the elevator or with a handshake that would tell the person who we are. Well, as I was reaching for a piece of paper in the center of the table, I distinctly heard inside ... ‘HELP PEOPLE CONNECT TO SOURCE.’

I dropped back into my chair and my mouth fell open. Wow! that was it. That explained not only who I am, but it explained everything I've done for the last 20 years. I was blown away and at the first break, I went out to my car in the parking lot and sat there for over an hour just letting it sink it. I cried because it had been hard to explain to others and to myself some of the stuff I had done; it had all seemed to be so fragmented up to now. But suddenly it all made sense.
By the way, 'Source' has a capital 'S' and it can mean anything you want it to.

That inner shift of knowingness must have been very powerful. Within two weeks I got a phone call out of the blue, from a stranger, with only five days notice to address a group of over 100 people in a corporate setting. It was a shock to be asked, but I got inner direction to accept it. Besides, they offered me $600 an hour.

The subject of my talk was, "Your Psychic Abilities your way of connecting to the Collective Unconscious." I'd never addressed a group of 100 before and if you had suggested years ago that I would, I wouldn't have believed you. The beauty the power of it all was that it was so simple to do. The preparation just flowed and the delivery went without a hitch. I'd also been invited to speak to a smaller group of 20-30 people soon about an aspect of my spiritual journey. Both these events enable me to 'Help people connect to Source,' so they're mine to do.

My clarity of purpose is now unshakable and it acts like a filter. I joyfully approach anything that gives me an opportunity to live my purpose and pass-up those things that detract or do not serve it.

Author's Bio: 

Lotus Lin has retired from 30 years in the investment industry. Lotus currently has a variety of business interests that advance personal and organizational consciousness. She is a trained psychotherapist certified in several healing modalities, including Reiki Master. She provides healing energy through Lotus treatments as seva. For more information email lotuslin@cogeco.ca.