Love is all around us actually. It is something that all of us, deep down, wish for... both to love and to be loved. From the moment we are born there is love in our hearts. Sometimes as we grow older things may cloud our views of love. For some, their lives seemed to be charmed by love. For others, love does not come easy. But it is there, all we need do is look for it, and be open to it, and understand that love comes in many forms and in many unexpected ways.

I know that Valentine’s Day is not a favorite holiday for those who have not yet found love, or show no interest in it, and may be viewed as a “marketing” holiday simply to pad the pockets of the card stores, rose growers, jewelers, and candy makers. For some, it is a cherished holiday, looked forward to all year long, a day to bask in the glow of their love for their dear one. For them, Valentine’s Day is truly an “irresistible” holiday. But there are also those who realize that Love comes in many forms... the love for your child, the love for your parents, the love for your special pet, the love for your dear friends and family... and all them are just as important as the love of a soul mate, spouse, or life partner.

Love is, after all, a powerful, fascinating, scrumptious, mysterious, and magical thing. I ask you, who wouldn’t, at some time in their lives, want to feel “The irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired”?

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Mark Peltier-Robson is the founder of P-R Posters(tm) Motivational Companies. Inspiration and Motivation don't have to strike like a bolt of lightning - they can be found in the smallest of things: a gentle smile, a pat on the shoulder, or a short note of encouragement. Our products are another such venue of encouragement - inspiration and motivation that can be put on the wall, displayed on a desk, or shared with family and friends.