Love heals

"So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love." -1 Corinthians 13

Check out- Love's Way:The Union of Body, Ego,Soul and Spirit by Brenda Schaeffer. I thought I know what love really is until I read this book.

I like the recipes for a vibrant physical; healthy ego; soulful life and spirit based love life.The Body in Love; the Ego in Love; the Soul in Love and the Spirit in Love are great. The meditations are worth checking out.

Quotes in "Love's Way" that I would like to share:

"...what stands between you and the power of love is you"

"...the most powerful human energy we have is love. And our greatest energy center, our central powerhouse, the heart, mediates that energy."

"Love says: I am the flow of life. I flow from the Great Spirit to you. I enter through the heart. Harness me. I am the greatest power you can know. Let me in and use me. You must take me to others. Others must take it back to you. This is the greatest circle of life. Go my friend. Never forget the words: I love you. And now live them."

"Love's Way Recipe for a vibrant multidimensional love life"
Find a handful of people willing to be lovers with heart.
Do everything you can to open your heart.
Nurture childlike innocence,curiosity and playfulness.
Be loyal and honor commitments.
Allow space for contemplation, introspection and the need to be alone.
Understand what love really is.
Get rid of love illusions.

"The Realm of the Heart"
Share all of you from deep in the soul.
Become the "Good Mother" the "Valiant Father"
Protect your body, your ego, your soul, your spirit.
Dance, dance, dance the circle of love.
Thank your wonderful, strong heart.
Become a warrior with heart.
Do lots of down to earth loving.
Get rid of the glut and clutter in all four facets.
Work through any inner fragmentation
Love fearlessly.
Radiate love frequencies.
Bend heart to heart.
Put Love's Way into the streets.

Check out Brenda Schaeffer website:
It's All About Love "The focus of this site is to foster an understanding of love and love addiction. It is intended to help you identify the characteristics of healthy love and addictive love and free you to live life more abundantly. As you will learn, real love is not addiction, nor is addiction love."

Some of the topics on this website:

Love or Addiction

Teen Romance and Sex

Check out "The Characteristic of Healthy Love"
People in healthy relationships have the following characteristics:
They allow for individuality.
They experience both oneness with and separateness from another.
They bring out the best qualities in self and another.
They experience openness to change and exploration.
They experience true intimacy.
They experience giving and receiving in the same way.
They do not attempt to change or control the other.
They encourage self-sufficiency of partners.
They accept limitations of self and other.
They do not seek unconditional love.
They accept and respect commitment.
They have a high self-esteem

Brenda Schaeffer is a licensed psychologist, author and certified addiction specialist. She is an experienced therapist, teacher and international speaker. She has a private practice in Eden Prairie, MN.

And the last but not the least, this is just a reminder to all of us who wants to believe in the power of Love:

Check out: The Love Verses 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

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