THE MEANING OF DHYANA:- The real menaing of dhyana is to turn your inner senses on the right tract, to become stable in your nature and not to indulge in excesses.

PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL MECHANISM OF DHYANA:- The first and foremost thing in dhyana is to be cautious, not to let it deivate from the right tract. As dhyana deviates from the right tract , your mind gets concentrated on the things which are out of your inner senses and worldly things. To much, concentration on worldly things ultimately produces hunger or greed for those things in your mind. In such a case the person or the things on which your dhyana gets stucked up, becomes the center of attention of your all senses. There are instances in our surroundings in which a person's dhyana gets after some particular woman, wealth or some position. This is not the real dhyana. Normally, our senses are directed towards all types of things and persons. To turn these senses within is the real dhyana.

RESTELLESSNESS AND EXPACTATIONS:- We want tranquility in our life, but are we ready to leave things or habits which cause restlessness and agitation in our life? Another meaning or dhyana is, to look within yourself and eradicate the restlessness and agitation which you are suffering from. When dhyana gets directed towards outwardly things its flow starts flowing in the wrong direction. Try to turn this flow within yourself. There is a difference between prayer and dhyana. In prayer there is some wish or expectation included. There is no expectation in dhyana.

THE DYNAMICS OF DHYANA:- You do not need to concentrate on anything or anybody in dhyana. You only need to take your concentration out of other things and concentrate within yourself. Take example of a sailor trapped in a storm in the mid of the sea. Can this sailor stop the wind blowing lock the waves rising in the sea. What this sailor does. He only keeps control of his own vessel or boat. And gradually reaches the caost.

When your mind becomes motionless it becomes dhyana. It is a wrong belief that when the deluge of thoughts stop it is dhyana. In sleep and unconsciousness also there is no flood of thoughts. But in these cases one does not have senses also. That is why sleep and unconsciousness are not considered dhyana. When your senses remain intact and the flood of thoughts stops, it is called dhyana.


THE EFFORTLESS REST METHOD:- In this method one leaves his or her body relaxed on the bed. This can be practiced while sleeping on bed or sitting in a couch also. After adopting a comfortable posture try to concentrate your senses towards you and gradually within you. Keep, practicing this. By practice you will achieve a pleasant stae of relaxation and go to sleep very soon. While concentrating, within you, one can concentrate on almighty god also.This is not mandatory but it helps much in concentrating.

IN A NUT SHEEL:- Dhyana can not be understood without practice and experience. Other experiences are also of no use in understaing and feeling the pleasure of dhyana. The essence of dhyana is to turn your inner senses on the appropriate path and become stabel in your nature.

Written By:- YAMIN MEMON (MBA)