MLM Program stands for multi-level marketing. You might have wondered, like many people have, if it is actually a type of pyramid scheme. This is quite understandable given the fact that when viewed on paper there certainly is a pyramid scheme likeness to it. However, MLM operators insist that multi level marketing is not a pyramid scheme at all. So, what is the truth?

As far as pyramid schemes go they are considered illegal in both the United States, as well as in other countries. Pyramid schemes come in hundreds of different forms but they all have one key factor in common. They all receive money from people even though there is no product and/or service being sold or purchased. MLM program gets its name because the whole thing begins with one person. As more people join the size of the pyramid increases. Because, when written down it looks like a triangle, they became known as pyramid schemes.

So how does multi level marketing differ, since on paper it looks just like a pyramid scheme? Or should the question be: Is there a difference between pyramid schemes and MLM, just as the MLM operators insist, or Isn't there? The answer is, yes, there are simple differences between multi level marketing and other pyramid schemes.

The first difference that is noticed immediately is that with MLM there is usually an actual product and/or service that is for sale. Also, the income that is generated is commission from the sale of the product and/or service, whether that is an actual item, or even e-books and software, etc. For all intents and purposes, however, MLMs are pyramid schemes.

Although it is impossible to find an MLM that is fair to all the participants concerned, nevertheless,the last person in the line still has a part to play in the whole system. But it is important to remember that some MLMs are useful and legal. That said the vast majority are useless and illegal. In order for multi level marketing to be a success there needs to be a shift in the way that people use it and in the way that they think of it. For one thing, most people will purchase the product and/or service under the mistaken idea that this will enable them to earn huge sums of money by being part of the system. This is the wrong concept entirely. Instead, the focus should be on the product that is for sale. The MLM side of things should be viewed as a bonus.

If you are confronted with a program that comes with multi level marketing it is advisable that you consider two important points before you make your decision. The first is to ascertain if there is a product and/or service on offer. If there is, no matter what it may be, it needs to be something that people who buy it will really benefit from. If there is no product then you should definitely let the opportunity pass you by.

The second thing you should determine is whether or not a member still receives something irrespective of whether they managed to recruit anymore people. Even if it is only the product and/or service itself, at least they receive something to show for their money. Again, if the program does not offer this, then ignore it.

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