This article is a sequel to The Vibrational Universe. I have been coming to the shocking realization that we live in a perfect universe. By this I mean, the Law of Attraction manages all vibration so that we receive always in our experience a match to our activated energy patterns.

If this is true, then there is no injustice. It means the universe does not discriminate against anyone. It means that the contrast we see around us is perfect, divinely perfect.

It means that although we see our fellow human beings starving, suffering, and dying all over the world, each must be resonating precisely to what he or she is receiving. This conclusion is shocking to me, as one only has to take a look around this world to see apparent examples of injustice and unfairness everywhere. But from the standpoint of universal law, the struggles and pain of our fellow human beings are simply the choices they have made.

This is a lot to digest, but we must remember that our fellow human beings are in fact powerful creator beings, always connected to Source energy. We must allow them the sovereignty to create in their own experience, just as we expect them to do for us, even though it can be painful to watch as they struggle!

I struggled for a long time with the idea that the universe is perfect before it made sense to me.

I always hated to hear new-agers and teachers say “Everything is in perfect balance.” I would scream at them, “If the world is so perfect, take a look around!”

But after observing people for a while, I realized that every individual IS experiencing a world of balance. I began to ask myself “How can I and a murderer, or an embezzler live on the same crazy planet, yet experience so differently”? It slowly began to dawn on me that the universe was responding to all of my ideas and beliefs about life, almost in a personal way.

For example, one of my teachers lived in a so-called 'run-down' area of town, yet her life was one of constant joy. I lived in a beautiful house in the country and was miserable most of the time. I began to realize that the world must be in balance only for those who are balanced!

We see around us contrast and diversity, sometimes horrible contrast. But from this contrast, we derive a benefit: it becomes easier to decide what we don't want. From knowing what we don't want, we can then decide what we do want. We then have a desire, and it is this desire that focuses life energy through us, makes us feel more alive.

The system works so that what you focus on, you get. Sometimes, by our fear or anxiety, we paint ourselves into a corner. We are faced with a very unpleasant situation in which we have to act quickly, or suffer dire consequences. These crisis situations force us to look at the unpleasant situation and decide whether what is hitting us in the face is what we really want!

The system is designed so that the worse off we are, the more we have to look at how we want to change.

So no matter how bad it gets, we always have the opportunity to change our focus and get a new gig! The worse off we are, the more intensely our experience steels our resolve: “I'm NEVER going to do that again” is something we often hear from people who have extricated themselves from a tight spot. Such decisions can be life changing, because the contrasting experience forces us to find our balance. So contrast is a good thing, and the more contrast there is, the more focused we become, and the more alive we feel.

If the environment were always beautiful and pleasing, if everyone behaved just as we would want them to, after a time life would be boring. Oh, it would be fun for a while, but it would soon wear off! It is the incredible diversity and difference we see out in the world that keeps us on our toes, keeps life force energy flowing through us.

Having said that, I want to get back to what I said previously about there being no injustice.

Many who observe the current reality believe that a world of harmony and peace is vital to the very survival of our planet, for they see things like pollution, poverty and war and feel it must inevitably affect them and everyone else in the world. “If it happened to them, it can happen to me,” is what is often heard. We are told the world is a terrible place, on the brink of disaster, and that to ignore the suffering of others is cruel and selfish.

But this viewpoint ignores universal law. Those who believe the world is in sad shape are probably experiencing it through their focus upon it, thus fortifying their belief that it is so. But consider: the vast number of complex systems which exist to support life on earth function smoothly, never failing. There is an overwhelming abundance of well-being on this planet, otherwise life could not exist. Take a walk outside, smell the fresh air, look at the trees, the clouds, the flowers and the grass, listen to the birds, see your fellow humans at work and at play, and observe that all is well. If you do not perceive well-being when you go out for your walk, but instead see many negative things, consider changing your vibration to one of well-being and watch how your life changes for the better!

The retort to this assertion is that one “ignores reality” by assuming a state of well-being for ones self, and assuming all is well for others. It is always pointed out that (among other things) pollution is killing the planet, and that many of our fellow humans in other countries are living lives of desperation. Indeed, this is the commonly perceived reality. But in order to create a world of well-being, it is necessary to vibrate at a state of well- being! Well- being cannot be created from a viewpoint, or a feeling place, that assumes the world is in imminent danger.

Lets expand on this notion of the desire for harmony. Desiring harmony is asking for less contrast. It is asking for similarity of thought. If everyone on the planet exists in perfect harmony, then everyone will likely think and act along similar lines. I don't know about you, but for me this would be pretty boring! I am not saying it would be better to have everyone go out and kill each other (but if it happened, we simply return wholly to our divine, non-physical consciousness). What I am saying is that we need to allow the sovereignty and divinity of each One on the planet. We must allow each One to create as they wish, as they allow us to create as we wish, knowing that the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction will sort it all out. Nothing ever happens by mistake! The Law of Attraction sees to it that each and every event, situation and person in your life is an exact vibrational match to your vibration at the time you receive the experience. It is perfect, never-failing. It is woven into the very fabric of this universe. So there can be no unfairness, or injustice. There is only a vibrational matching which is supported by the underlying physics of the universe.

Because we are the vibrational creators of our experience, there is no reason that any of us have to experience anything we do not want! Nor is there any reason that the travails of others need have any effect on us. We observe the creations of others and we think that somehow, we MUST be affected by them, because we are all connected, and because we are all living in the same world. But this is not so:

Only if we give our attention to the things we are observing that we don't like, will we begin to attract it into our own experience. That which we do not resonate to, we cannot match up with! Moreover, there is no negative force in the universe from which we must protect ourselves! A 'negative force' is simply that which we have our attention on, that is not wanted. People are often fixated on the importance of observation, and have not realized that it is possible to directly control one's own vibration, irrespective of what is observed. Each one of us is bathed in an ocean of radio and microwave signals. Just because we have 50 TV channels to choose from does not mean we have to watch all 50 at once! By tuning in to channel 7 we automatically tune out all of the others. And so it is with vibrational tuning and matching. If you are in an undesirable place, simply tune out those thoughts and feelings and tune in to a happier reality of your own design.

I can hear the howls of protest now! “If the river where your city draws water gets polluted, you damn well are going to be affected by the creations of others! And if you go to a better place, what about those who are trapped there?” The answer is that if you are a vibrational match to a polluted river, you will attract a company that dumps toxins in it. But there is no reason for that! If people in the area are a vibrational match to clean water, the river will be clean. That's just the way it works. The law of 'like attracts like' is always operating to deliver to you a life experience which is a match to your thoughts and feelings. And so for each and every person on the planet.

The idea that simply by changing thought, one can change one's experience is the hardest idea for people to understand. A thought seems so insubstantial! Action is what most people prefer. Facts on the ground. Tangible evidence. This is what human beings understand.

We tend to forget that all of the tangible evidence in existence has come from prior thought and visualization.

Only by applying the idea of 'like attracts like' to one's life can you understand how truly powerful it is. These essays are about the universal laws which are woven into the physics of this universe. By changing your thoughts and feelings about a small area of life to begin with, and then moving on to things bigger and more important, you can prove to yourself that this is a universe based upon attraction, and upon thought. The message in these essays has been known, spoken and written for millennia. It is not new. It just goes so much against the grain of our Western society that we have forgotten it!

As non-physical beings, we are pure, divine energy in perfect balance and harmony.

Then why would anyone want to incarnate into this place of often terrible contrast? Because, it is the contrast and diversity we see around us which affords us the possibility of the intense, poignant physical experience which is unavailable to non-physical beings of pure, divinely balanced energy. What I am saying is that every one of us came to earth not to make it a place where everyone thinks and feels the same way! We didn't come here to exist in perfect bliss, we came for the diversity of experience! We already exist in perfect bliss in our non-physical state. That is not to say that disease and death and pain and suffering is the optimum condition for life on this planet. But there is nothing wrong with it! We are immortal beings, and when we withdraw our focus from these physical bodies we will again return to our non-physical condition of divine perfect balance. All beings are independent creators, vibrating and attracting unto themselves, each existing in a universe of their own creation.

It is not possible to create in the experience of another.

No matter how many wish for a world of complete harmony, each being on this planet has the choice to create what he or she wishes, and each One will do so, and is doing so. And indeed complete harmony amongst beings is not necessary for you or anyone else to live in joy and abundance, this is guaranteed by universal law. All of us are empowered to create our own worlds, and it is not necessary to save another from him or herself. The world is rampant with well-being, it is only for us to become vibrationally aware of it, draw it into our experience, and to allow each of our fellow co-creators to experience what they wish for themselves. It would be the height of arrogance for anyone to assume creation for another, because of a judgement that another is not choosing properly.

Certainly there is nothing wrong with wanting to create a world of harmony and peace! But for many this desire comes from a feeling that there is something terribly wrong, from a viewpoint that if nothing is done, very bad things will happen to every one of us. From this vibration, however, all that is attracted is more of the same. And so we get more of that very thing we are trying to change! I am here to tell you that only by becoming a vibrational match to negativity will you attract it into your life. No matter how “bad” it gets out there, if only each One will remain focused on what is wanted for him or herself, that which is wanted will become your experience. When looked at in this light, it is possible to view even the darkest of situations with peace and serenity, knowing that all is well, knowing that what we see around us is simply the universe delivering to each One, what that person is focusing on. Imagine a world where each and every person in it is receiving exactly what that person is focusing on, and you have an accurate picture of the situation on planet earth. The Law of Attraction never makes a mistake. It is constantly analyzing and matching vibration for each and every being on earth. With this knowledge, we are empowered. We can deliberately offer vibration and be sure that the universe will deliver us an exact match to it. If we do not like what we receive, we can modify our thoughts and feelings until we get what we want.

We can look around us and see the divine plan unfolding in its incredible diversity, and know that if someone is experiencing pain, it is because they have created it vibrationally for themselves, and so throw off the mantle of guilt that often makes us think we must experience negatively as well. When we approach life with this perspective, we experience joy in everything we do. We set an example for others. They will come to us, seeing our stability and serenity, and we can show them what powerful creator beings they are, and so empower them to change their lives to a more positive aspect, if they so desire.

The point of this essay is that the universe is perfect just the way it is. It is always, has always been, and will always be, perfectly balanced, because that is the way the universe has been designed. All consciousness on this planet comes from the same Source, we as physical beings are points of awareness of a universal consciousness. All is well, the universe is in loving hands. An understanding of vibrational attraction gives each one of us the power to create our own lives exactly as we wish!

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Author of The Vibrational Universe and Dialogues among other spiritual works.