The Magic of Making Up was written by T.W. Jackson. It discusses the tips, secrets, and methods of getting back with ex or evaluating the situation effectively to find out if that is a good idea or not. This guide is well received by thousands of individuals worldwide as the testimonials seem to indicate.

Below is an inside peak and review of what is included in the Magic of Making Up. 


 Clean Slate Method  

The Magic of Making up includes the “clean slate method, which is the apologetical phase. This is one of the most vital aspects of the magic of making up.

Some people have a hard time with this face especially if they want to go into the blame game. However, according to the magic of making up guide, this is what will get your “foot in the door,” to get back your ex.

For the relationship to get off to a new phase and open up a clean slate, the guide explains that individuals have to leave the past behind and close that chapter.

This phase, though, have to come with sincerity because if the lie is caught later, the relationship will end. It does not matter who was wrong. The apology should be mutual according to the magic of making up guide.

Ease Back Into Relationship Method


The Magic of Making up includes the “agree to break up” phase. There is a whole chapter dedicated to this concept of walking away for about 30 days and giving each other time to consider if the relationship is worth saving and how to ease back into the relationship.  

A list of exercises is included in this phase that allows you to revisit advantages and disadvantages of the relationship that will help individuals to make the transition.


In this phase, individuals are given the steps to properly communicate with their ex so that it is clear that communication would not be a problem.


Evaluation Method

Is going back into the relationship worth it? The Magic of Making Up guide indicates that each person should first evaluate where they are and where they want to be. Weighing the negatives and positives of the relationship is the next step discussed and gives a thoughtful insight on the things to consider and questions to ask personally.


If you are using this method, you have to be honest with yourself.  After the 30 day period of waiting, T.W. Jackson indicates in this guide that some will become independently free of their ex and may not want the relationship to continue using the evaluation method.


Maintaining Harmony Method


Magic of Making Up guide explains how to reconcile when both agree that is what will happen and how to maintain the harmony in the relationship. It will take two individuals in the relationship to participate amicable so that it will work the next time around.

 Listen to unsolicited testimonials:


What I liked about the Magic of Making Up


The Magic of Making Up was a refreshing guide from the other rehashed advice that even licensed professional give, which no longer work. Instead of doing what people think is obvious to get ex back, T.W. Jackson uses reverse psychology to reinforce whether the two individuals are ready to get back together.  The guide breaks down the different methods, transition period and steps to getting an ex back.  The author communicates well with the reader as if he has the reader’s best interest at heart. The Magic of Making up guide did list things that you should never do during the break up such as too many text messages, sending flowers, stalking and being desperate.


What I did not like about the Magic of Making Up


Most of the methods were controversial and unconventional and may turn off some people. It may be too direct and include steps that individuals may not be willing to try due to pride or selfishness. The advice given was not necessarily from experience, but does seem to work due to the many testimonials given. Even though there were some mention of what to do during the break up, I thought that the survival phase could have been expounded upon.



I considered the Magic of Making Up guide to be very impressive as a whole because the methods were thoroughly discussed and done with precision and authority so that individuals could tell what to do and what not to do. For the testimonials given along with the honesty that the author portrayed, anyone reading this guide will know that it was well thought out and truthfully given. If you are in the process of a break up and want to get back with your ex, this guide is definitely for you. It challenges individuals to realize whether they should get back with your ex or not.




Author's Bio: 

Cheryline Lawson is a relationship expert, who has been married for 24 years. In the Magic of Making Up, Ms. Lawson,has written the most extensive and honest review. Read the review of the Magic of Making Up Here.