People have always looked for symbols to humanize our feelings, our ideals, and our dreams. We are able to find a universe of knowledge in the smallest of tokens. Throughout our history, we have sought magical properties in planets, stones, plants and flowers, the character of animals, and in the ephemeral meanings of dreams and omens. We have searched the heavens, molding the stars into constellations to tell stories of our heroes and the magic that helped them fulfill their quests.

The planets, stones, and colors associated with numbers offer a bit more symbolism to associate with each number. There are many stones associated with each of the planets. The stones listed here were selected based on their color and healing qualities.

One: Beginning, Individuality, Leadership
Planet – Sun – your life force and will
Color – Red – ambition, enthusiasm, physical energy, and courage
Stones – Ruby – energizer, stimulator, raises self-esteem

Two: Duality, Partnership, Union
Planet – Moon – your emotions and inner life, that which makes you happy
Color – Orange – to seek companionship, sexuality
Stone - Carnelian – focus, to turn the internal idea into the external form

Three: Creativity, Expression, Growth
Planet – Jupiter – expansion, search for knowledge
Color – Yellow – joy, enthusiasm
Stone – Citrine – increases cheerfulness, sociability, warm feelings

Four: Process, Stabilization
Planet – Saturn – boundaries, mastery
Color – Green – growth, nourishment
Stone – Bloodstone – (heliotrope) reduces insecurity, increases stability

Five: Change, Freedom, Sensation
Planet – Mercury – movement, communication
Color – Light Blue – creative stimulation
Stone – Aquamarine – calms nervousness and tension, soothes

Six: Sharing, Family, Community
Planet – Venus – money, love, relationships
Color – Indigo - responsibility
Stones - Lapis Lazuli – to gain wisdom and good judgment

Seven: Rest, Truths, the Mysteries of Life
Planets - Uranus – sudden disruption, insight / Neptune – spirituality, idealism
Color – Purple – relaxation and inspiration
Stone – Amethyst - stone of sobriety

Eight: Success, Power, Achievement
Planet – Mars – energy, motivation
Color – Brown – power, strength
Stones - Petrified Wood – strength, durability

Nine: Compassion, Selfishness, Completion
Planet – Pluto – transformation, death and rebirth
Color – All colors
Stones – Geodes – progressive thinking, visualization

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CJ Wright has been a numerologist for 15 years and is the author of "Year~Seer: The Nine Year Cycle of Life." She hosts a beginning level astrology group, ChartTalkStudy, on Yahoo Groups. You can read her article "The Victorian Language of Flowers and What It Revevals about the Bach Remedies" at: