Every year since 2004 I have been given Predictions for the New Year to share with others. This year was no exception. This year however I was asked to reach a larger audience.

The information I channel is more on a personal basis rather than a global basis. It touches just briefly on the world at large and instead of focusing on economy, politics, weather changes, etc it is more about the individual. I would like to share this information with you.

What will the New Year, this grand new year of 2008, hold for us?

Oh yes, yes it will be grand and exciting New Year and at times will feel like a roller coaster ride. Don’t try to hold on just go free and easy down the road. Don’t hold on to the old. It’s time to open up and embrace the new. As always there will be separations, divorces, natural disasters, deaths, and disease. Greed, hatred, poverty and other intense emotional occurrences will still be in the news. Yet hold your head high and embrace all that is before you. Stay out of the drama as the world is awash in change. There will be drama all over the place. If you don’t like what’s happening just wait a week or two and something new will come in. Don’t buy into any of it. Instead buy into you. No matter how things look it is just temporary in your life. You on the other hand are permanent in your life.

You need to be aware that if you get angry you just pour more anger into the world; if you take care of the needy it causes more neediness; if you enable your children you make them even more helpless. In this New Year let others reap what they have been sowing without your concern or good deeds or interference. Remember that you do not know the plan. You don’t know the whole picture. It will best serve you and others around you to focus on balance and peace in your life.

Make this the Year of You. Self care and self love should be one of the first things on everyone’s list for 2008. It’s time for you to take center stage. No more of the supporting roles. You are the star. You are the main character in your story.

Love yourself with all your heart, mind, and soul no matter what you are experiencing or creating in your life. Please, please, please be good to yourself and especially your body. The body needs your love and care. Loving and caring for your body is more important than you loving or carrying for anyone or anything else. Light up your life with gifts and encouragement and give soft, loving, embraces to your body. Treat your body to gentle massages. Buy yourself new things, soft things, exciting things. Maybe even a toy or two.

You are the creator of your experiences in this New Year. You choose how you want to experience 2008. Keep in mind that there aren’t any bad choices. Whatever choices you make give you experiences that assist you to learn and grow into the peaceful, loving, balanced being you came to this planet to experience.

We wish you joy, peace, love, and rainbows in this NEW YOU New Year.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Campbell is a Spiritual Intuitive/Psychic who consciously walks her soul path. She is committed to bringing forth information that will empower others in reaching their highest potential.
She offers Soul Calling Intuitive Readings that provide the next step on your soul path & facilitates Soul Calling Intensives - DNA Repatterning and Rebalancing for deep level healing of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Joan is the author of The Synergistic Energy Connection and Journey Back in Time with Jesus, books with CDs, available on her website www.joancampbell.net or joan@joancampbell.net. She also has recorded two guided imagery CDs: The Rainbow Swirl and The Golden Seed to assist in bringing more energy and balance into your life and to connect you more fully with both the physical body and the soul self.

She presents seven original workshops that empower people and bring peace and balance into their lives and offers Spirit Circles for groups. Joan is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Healing Touch practitioner and ordained in the Order of Melchizedek.

The ultimate goal of my work is to provide tools to help people heal emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone, no matter what their level of conscious living is, can use what I teach and offer.