The store clerk just stared back at me with empty almost lifeless eyes and said there was little they could do to stem the chaos and disarray. The people were left to wander and pillage at will.

That was her response to the fact that many of the in store customers were so sloppy that they destroyed the store shelves and moved products everywhere. Often they would carry products through the store and then put them down wherever they wanted.

They were too lazy to put things back where they belong and where they got them from.

Then I had her really observe these customers. They dressed in baggy, rundown and dirty clothing even pajamas and bedroom slippers. Their personal hygiene was questionable and their vehicle usually was in very poor repair. They simply lived a poor quality sloppy lifestyle and their actions in the store reflected their outlook on the living experience.

Why would people choose to live this way? Because this feels normal to them. It is the way they grew up and were taught to live. It is the extension of how their parents or the other adults in their past had set an example. It was the reflection of their personal comfort zone and the effort level that they felt most comfortable with.

They had become mindless creatures following a set of living patterns handed down to them. They weren't uncomfortable and trying to improve because low quality living and no effort was normal for them.

Oh, if you listen closely between cigarettes, sips of beer or telephone calls you will hear them grumble about how life is unfair and they have been given the short end of the stick every time. Luck just doesn't seem to be on their side and they beg and borrow their way into the lives of those who do apply quality living thoughts and concepts.

The fact that an automobile wears out and disintegrates over time if it is not maintained simply seems to elude their way of thinking. The concept of putting things back where you got them from in a store is cause for far more effort than they are willing to provide. So they toss the item wherever they want and wander up the aisle looking for the next product to fondle and relocate.

When the vehicle ceases to function, bills don't get paid and sickness sets in they look to the sky and wonder " why me ".

If you recognize these traits in yourself and are reading this it is because you choose for it to be you. Certainly your family may have instilled the original seed of poor quality within you, but you are able to immediately change that with one decision and the results that instantly follow.

Your life and living experience simply doesn't have to be any preset pattern. You can choose to get up right now and change yourself, evolve into an entirely new person with a new lifestyle and end result toward fulfillment.

You are who you allow and accept yourself to be.

I have been telling people that for more than thirty years now as have others and yet more and more people are falling into the static patterns of a dull mindless lifestyle filled with routine patterns and poor quality.

Save this and read it again over and over if you need to. Go to your local library and read books on personal development or study my programs of human excellence technologies, but do something and do it right now!

Observe someone who lives with quality. Notice how they dress, act and live. Identify the weakness in your style that is keeping you from attaining their quality of living experience.

It's not just clothing, it's how you think. You accept what you are right now. In order to change you must learn to reject the old you and demand the new you. You must change the way you think. The old actions, poor level of quality and muted efforts are no longer acceptable or tolerated.

You have the ability to decide what you want and go after it to make it a part of your life. A decision without action is nothing more than daydreaming. Decide and then take action immediately to make progress toward your specific goals.

Our society can change completely one person at a time if we only learn to accept our place in this living experience with high standards, values and quality in our living effort. Train yourself to live with quality and to set an example of quality living for others.

Set the example as you shop with grace and impeccable style and help others around you to understand the positive side of living with quality in thought and deed.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Gentry has taken to heart the lessons shared with him over the years by his mentors. He continues to enrich himself through sharing his knowledge and insight with others in the attempt to better society by making even the slightest positive change in his fellow man.

Knowledge is worthless if it is not shared and utilized for positive direction and improvement.