Gaining weight has always been associated with eating junk food. There have been volumes of research on the fast food culture that has invaded every aspect of society and how humans who eat the stuff have become oblivious of what they are eating and what the processes that have been set in place to ensure that these burgers and fries come to your tray, in your stomach and out the door.

The information is right there plain as day, but do you notice something strange about those who are obese and know that the food is bad for them? They keep going back to the same type of food, they keep over eating and they seem to be unable to stop themselves. Which begs the question, is the food really that good? Have the people behind Burger King, KFC and McDonalds created a burger so good or a piece of chicken wing that is simply so irresistible that it makes those who are unhealthy go back to the very source of their woe and spiral down into a collective degenerative pile of helpless individuals? The answer to this of course is no. Nothing can be that good, not unless these fast food companies have laced their foods with drugs. I would akin the same effects of overeating to the effects of a drug like heroin.

We as people like to eat; it is within us to enjoy the process of eating because it serves a biological purpose and keeps us alive. We are happy when our stomachs are full. However, the food and beverage industry has decided to up the ante with gastronomical creations and artistic incarnations of food that makes us crave for them even more. It is a concept similar to the creation of drugs. There is no need for them, they do not serve any benefit to our physical well-being, yet some end up addicted to them. Without a measure of control, we can be just as addicted to fast foods as drug addicts are to drugs. So what turns us into fast food (or even normal, conventional food) junkies?

When we overeat, our bodies go into a cyclic pattern of yearning, where we associate the feel-good feeling of eating with the particular type of food we enjoy, and we end up inadvertently making it a part of our needs system. It is the same for heroin; the brain makes it a need after it associates the feeling of euphoria with the taking of heroin. Do it often enough and we trick our mind into believing that it is part of the biological process.

Eat a lot and do it often enough and we make ourselves and our subconscious mind believe that is essential to our emotional and psychical survival. This is where withdrawal symptoms come from and this is where we see the true root of addiction, whether it is over eating, smoking or even drugs. It lies in the mind because it has decided that to survive, we need to do these things.

This is why anything and almost anything can be an addiction if we believe in it. Like alcoholism or even conditions like obsessive-compulsive behaviour - where even the small nuances that are not done to one’s obsession with perfection - will cause a catastrophic collapse of mind and body. With subliminal technology and weight loss affirmations, the source is hit directly the messages removed and eventually the weight will be gone - and you will stop overeating.

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