Mary Magdalene is the woman behind the man, we called Jesus. So many questions abound…was this woman the true “Beloved Disciple”, the thirteenth apostle or the Apostle to the Apostles, and the true Author of the 4th Gospel, normally attributed to John?

Doesn’t it seem rather peculiar that Mary Magdalene was present as a key witness during riveting moments in Jesus’ life? Or, so it has been written. What if I spun a new angle for you to consider of this ancient myth about her life? From her presence at His Crucifixion and Burial, to the moment she went to His tomb to sacredly anoint His body, to restoring his body for His Resurrection what if we finally learned that the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene was the untold truth?

Yes, you read this right. Was the greatest story told, the greatest story ever told?

Allow your mind to reverse the ancient dogma that has been filled with pain, despair, guilt, and shame as it expands beyond those emotions into a whole new awareness. Mary Magdalene was at the foot of the cross, but was never really at the Crucifixion of Jesus, because he did not die. The anointing ceremony healing his wounds restored his body and the need for the tomb was more for shelter than to be buried. Jesus did not rise on the third day, but he might have walked away. Mary Magdalene may have served as a crucial diversion for him. After all, this is the anniversary of the Easter story that so many of us want to believe, yet continually feel somewhere down in the pit of our stomachs that the real truth has still not been revealed. Why? This nugget of truth remaining to be unveiled still lies hidden in a dark cave for only a chosen few fearless enough to uncover it. Where does this actual truth lie? It lies deep within the core of you. Allow yourself to trust your intuition.

Consider this for a moment; hasn’t the Church repeatedly proven to have skillfully hidden the truth beneath layers of misstated facts? They have led these untouchable sacred lives as they underhandedly did the unimaginable by victimizing children, women and creating massive guilt.Masterfully they disguised their agendas, folded it over again and again like origami. On the outside their tales look good on the surface and sounds right as it makes some of us feel what we hear does make logical sense. Only then can you discover if you dare another reality hides underneath that remains unsettling.

What if she vanished out of the stories, because she and her lover, Jesus went undercover? Is this view of their life so difficult to imagine? Not really, place Jesus and Mary Magdalene in today’s society, now is it that hard to believe? So, why couldn’t they have realized that there was no one interested in following their teachings and they found how other followers lives became threatened and in fact, persecuted? They literally could have fled out of Egypt and lived out their own lives peacefully. What if the Joseph some mention casually here and there with Mary Magdalene, was in fact, her own dear lover, Jesus?

Remember, anything is possible, if we let go and allow our minds to open up to new and different thought forms of understanding and reason.

What is her real story? What seemed so dangerous during her time that her legacy evaporated into thin air, as if she had never existed? What do we really know about her life and those gifts that she possessed with Jesus? Not much!

It has been written; she joined Jesus and his disciples to study the Arts of Tantric sex at the Pyramids in Egypt, learned the sacred truths of the Kundalini and trained in the School of Isis. She displayed an incredible wealth of talents and knowledge expanding far beyond what was written.

If you ask yourself this question, “What was her life all about?” Realize the truth of her life has never really been told. Was she the Beloved Disciple? Has the Divine Feminine been stripped down to the bare bones in our religious doctrine? Why was she discredited for over 700 years, since 1307, by the Catholic Church and its patriarchal hierarchy? Was it necessary to continue to suppress the feminine spirit as it had been occurring for nearly 2000 years? Hadn’t the feminine role models like Mary Magdalene, suffered enough lack of dishonor and humiliation? Did jealousies enter the picture, threatening the Divine Feminine power? What part of this play did the Church truly orchestrate?

Does anyone really and truly know? Now, don’t we, ladies.
This classic aged-old repetitive pattern in society mirrors the same old systemic problems that continue to silence the Feminine Spirit and keep the respect, value and honor as a tongue in cheek type of joke that continues to repress and acknowledge its power. The Feminine Spirit is an authority that co-creates passionately as it supports an intention empowering others universally. The time is now to honor the balance of male and female energies, in both sexes!

But, what do the stories say about Mary Magdalene and about her role?

If you've ever had the opportunity to read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, then certainly you are aware of his mission to shine a light of his investigations into the history and heresy of the religious doctrines of the time of Christ, the true foundation of Christianity, and how the Church's doctrine affected the history of the Catholic Church.

If someone were to show you some real evidence that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, would this information change your mind, about her authority and power that gave her credibility of who she truly was. The Gospel accounts in the New Testament speak of a woman anointing Jesus with luxurious aromatic oils from an alabaster jar and drying his feet with her hair, was this Mary Magdalene or a different Mary, or another version of an exaggerated lie to add drama and suspense?

Some records state that she was a prostitute, yet is there anything that substantiates this evidence as true? If she was not viewed as the prostitute mentioned in the bible, then why was she portrayed for such a long time in Church history, and why did the Vatican change its mind in the 1960's? It is my belief that they used the label of Mary Magdalene being a whore as a perfect way to keep her importance in a state of denial, with relegating her to a place of no power, by dishonoring her.

Where in the history books is there a similar type of character assassination prevalent to those male dignitaries held up in society as courageous icons? Funny to say, there isn’t! Only women have suffered this undeserving wrath of disrespect, intimidation, alienation and abandonment. Things must change for harmony to flourish in our world.

How valid are the many legends about Mary Magdalene's escape to France? It is really conceivable to envision her packing up and heading to an area that provided her a sanctuary, a haven of harmony, supported by friends and family that knew her. Now, add the possibility that she did not go there without her beloved partner, Jesus.

And, is it possible that Mary Magdalene was an important spiritual figure in her own right, the romantic companion or wife of Jesus, and the person whom he wished to lead his movement after his death?

Lastly, did the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church, from Constantine to Pope Gregory, carry out a concerted effort on alternative beliefs and scriptures? Did they edit what became the accepted canon for political purposes?

So, here’s my suggestion to you, this article does give you a choice. What choice do you ask? Well, you can jump on to the next river rock on your path as you seek to explore these sacred sites, while reading The Da Vinci Code. By doing so, you will give yourself the permission to connect to these energy hot spots at these latitudes and longitudes, while you touch into the vortex portal to your past. Trust your instincts!

Join the thousands of people who pilgrimage to France, since the release of the best-selling novel, The Da Vinci Code, seeking the truth. See where Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna's changed history, by spreading their subtle messages empowering the feminine spirit.

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