When pursuing your dreams and achieving goals, you will hear a lot of people say, 'You have to have faith'. Faith is essential to living. Most people relate 'faith' to religion. However, a lot of different 'religions' require you to believe a certain set of rules and admonish you to keep those rules.

In the twelve steps of alcoholics anonymous, one of the steps suggests that you must believe in a 'higher power'. Some people relate and refer to this 'higher power' as 'the universe'. Most relate to this higher power as God. I personally relate to this higher power as God. However, I realize that many do not. Nonetheless, you are being encouraged to activate that part of your that is considered spiritual and believe that there is a universal force that you can petition and receive help from.

When you look at a Biblical definition of faith, it is described in varying ways. One passage says, 'Faith is the substance of things of hoped for and the evidence of things not seen'. Another passage alludes to faith as being the action that 'calls things which are not, as though they were'.

I think that many people look at faith as being a bit of a gamble. By the definitions I've given above, faith is much more substantive than a mere gamble.

When I consider the miracle of each of us being here on this planet, I have to believe that we were born with purpose and for a purpose. I believe that each of us have a role to fulfill during our lives. I also believe that each of us must go through a process of going from where we start out to realizing and actualizing whatever that purpose is for us.

Many people find difficulty in discovering what their specific purpose is. I could write hundreds of blogs to help instruct you in finding your purpose and still not be comprehensive in what is involved. There are, however, some general guidelines in doing that.

For this blog, I want to assume that you already know your purpose. You know the dream that is and has been planted deep in your heart. I want to share with you how to exercise faith towards fulfilling your purpose or dream.

In the infinite mind of God, your purpose is already complete. God, having no beginning and no ending, likewise cannot have any concept of 'time' as we do. As an eternal being, God would no need for measuring time. You and I cannot relate to this but when you consider God's eternal nature, I believe you will agree.

God sees you as complete now. Knowing your future and knowing the purpose that has been established for your future, God sees your dream and purpose already complete. Relating back to the second Biblical definition that gave for faith, God sees those things which you do not see presently, as if they were already in existence. In fact, with that definition, 'God calls your dreams and purpose that you do not see as complete, AS IF they are already fully complete'.

I've come to the conclusion (at least for myself) that God calls (sees) my purpose as being already achieved for me in my life. I specifically say it like this.

"Not only do I have and exercise faith in God, but God has and exercises faith in and for me."

As you get it into your consciousness that God sees your purpose, goal or dream as complete, then you exercise your power and ability to believe to accept how God sees you.

Another Biblical reference that I love says, 'And you are complete in God'. From God's perspective, your purpose for being born is seen as complete.

Thus, your faith can be exercised to begin to believe, to visualize and to cross the threshold of acceptance that your destiny and purpose is complete. Every perspective of God, the universe or the higher power will likely agree that visualizing, believing and crossing the threshold of belief within, brings your dream into your manifested reality.

I want to encourage you to begin the practice of seeing your dreams and purpose as already complete. See yourself in that place of having achieved whatever you have longed to do. Allow yourself to even cross the line of feeling the emotion of having achieved that vision you've long held in your heart and mind. As you do, you will see the manifestation of it.

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Michael Murphy, author, empowerment coach, transformational speaker and Internet marketer. Michael is the author of 'Powerful Attitudes. Dr. Harold H. Bloomfield, NY Times best selling author, says, 'Powerful Attitudes is a treasure trove of true success strategies. Beyond a self help book, Powerful Attitudes brings about total transformation in it readers.' Dr. Alicia Ghiragossian, world renown poet and Nobel Prize candidate says, 'As you read Michael's book, you will sense a dynamic shift in your brain chemistry. Michael Murphy, through this book, becomes your life coach and best friend.'

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Michael is an inspirational, spiritual, motivational, personal empowerment speaker. He has given over 2,000 presentations in 9 countries around the world. He also hosts his own, 'Power Points for Successful Living' through radio syndications.