I once heard someone say, "Everything you do comes back 10-fold to you." Whether one believes or doesn't believe in the Law of Action and Reaction, or the Law of Karma, it makes no difference. You see, in order to manifest wealth and prosperity, individuals need only apply honesty and compassion in everything they do to realize the fruits of their labor. One doesn't have to be a genius, an artist, or a prodigy to find his passion or purpose in life - he must merely believe that he is capable of becoming the best he can be; and automatically, he will begin investing in his own wealth prosperity. In the Manifestation Method, you learn how to create positive change using your Divine intuition.

Sound far-fetched? Well, to some, prosperity may seem out of reach...success, happiness, love...but is it really? Let's go back to the first adage I wrote about in the first paragraph, "Everything you do comes back 10-fold to you." You will remember me saying that it makes no difference whether or not you believe in the Law of Karma...but, believing it and living it are two entirely different things. In the Manifestation Method, you become one not only with yourself and your intuitive desire to succeed, but you also become one with the world around you...your relationships with others...and your love of life is taken to a much higher and deeper level of consciousness.

Living the life in the Law of Attraction is a fun and exciting way to experience life through a new pair of eyes, a renewed heart, and a revitalized soul. In the Manifestation Method, you begin to understand what it is to become child-like again; having a renewed sense of hope, a renewed sense of drive and inspiration...and then the magic begins to unfold right before your very eyes. Yes, manifesting happiness and prosperity begins with you and your Divine self...and it begins with you remembering that whatever you do will come back 10-fold to you.

It is important, too, to remember that living the karmic life means that whatever you do will indeed come back to you - but that goes both ways. If you have negative thoughts and emit negative energy and emotions, you will attract the same. On the upside of this phenomenal lifestyle is the fact that when you have positive thoughts, and you emit positive energy and emotions, the same will come to you in more ways than just one. Let me explain...in the Manifestation Method, you learn how to harness positive energy and use it in most beneficial ways. But it's not just you who benefits; those around you will begin seeing the new and improved you; the more confident you; the happier you; the more Divine you. When you reach this level of heightened awareness, you will have become fully awakened to all the light and love that surrounds you.

Imagine where this great Nation of ours would be if it weren't for creative folks like Thomas Edison, though deaf, always thought in imaginative and positive ways. He said, "Many of life's failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." If you're not investing in yourself to create the life you want to live, then you have indeed given up. When you become an active participant in the Manifestation Method, you learn how to empower your intuition and innate consciousness to love and be loved in a most beautiful and magical way.

This holiday season; plan to achieve happiness, health and prosperity by investing in yourself through the Manifestation Method.

Until we speak again, I am

Joan Marie, your Intuition Expert

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Manifesting Wealth by Investing in Yourself
By Joan Marie Whelan

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About the Author: Joan Marie Whelan, an internationally known intuitive specialist, business consultant, medium, and coach travels throughout the United States sharing her gifts and the Manifestation Method with solo-preneurs, professionals, small business owners, and large companies. Her much anticipated first book, “Self- Discovery: The Nine Principles to Reveal Your Sacred Gifts" will be published later this year. For more information about Joan Marie and her upcoming, exclusive events, please go to: www.joanmariewhelan.com