Foregoing the opportunity to obtain a basic understanding of the home financing process in a timely manner has often resulted in the home buyer being exploited by lenders. This predicament has subsequently placed many homeowners in very precarious situations.

In response to the issues that have affected the financial industry; more stringent lending requirements have made it imperative for homeowners and buyers to be sufficiently prepared in order to qualify for financing in the future. However, the majority of people don’t begin to learn about the requirements to secure financing until they start the process of purchasing their first home. Even after obtaining a home loan, most new homebuyers are not adequately informed about the terms and conditions of their mortgage.

It’s important to know that obtaining financing is still possible provided you're qualified. If you know that you'll need to secure a mortgage in the future, it’s really imperative that you educate yourself about the financing process well in advance of needing a loan. Advance preparation is crucial to get approved for financing in today's market.

Many homeowners with an adjustable rate mortgage start to inquire about refinancing only 2 to 3 months before their initial rate expires, but by then it’s often too late. Because the criteria to qualify for all types of mortgages have become more strict; if you have a loan with a high interest rate or payments that are scheduled to reset in the next 1-3 years, you’ll want to start getting prepared now.

Unfortunately many people have often made unnecessary mistakes that caused their loans to be denied because they didn't learn about requirements early enough. The sad part is that many people who have had their homes foreclosed on or are now facing foreclosure could have qualified for a more stable and affordable loan program had they known how to prepare ahead of time.

Understanding the home financing process and how to manage your credit well before obtaining a mortgage will also ensure you get the best and safest terms and conditions before signing any loan documents. People concerned about securing real-estate financing in the current market should know that the risky loan programs that put previous homeowners in precarious situations in the past no longer exist.

"The truth is people will always need a place to live. For the same amount that many people pay in rent, they could purchase their own home, but in order to take full advantage of the great deals in the real-estate market right now, it’s imperative that people educate themselves about the home financing process before buying.” says ReMax Realtor, Yolanda Phillips.

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