Learn the crucial things that all your clients are desperately seeking from you. Master this and you will have a full appointment book and a 3 month waiting list.

A successful massage therapist wants to get more clients to build a massage business, and very importantly, they want to keep clients coming back.

I know this sounds simple, but many massage therapists continually make the single biggest mistake made by massage therapy practitioners world-wide (more about this later).

One technique for building a successful massage business is your business card. Please carefully read this entire article from beginning to end to learn what works and what is throwing away your cards.

Your business card is the most cost-efficient marketing tool for promoting your services. The first rule is do not be cheap. Print a minimum of 1,000 cards. Soon you’ll get the hang of this and you’ll be printing 5,000 at a time.

The Magic Number is Three
Every person you meet greet them with a smile, say their name [ask them their name] and hand them THREE business cards. When you are at the bank – hand the cashier three cards. When you are at the grocery store – hand the clerk three cards. When you are at the car wash – hand the cashier three cards. When you eat out – hand the waitperson business three cards. Remember the magic number is three.

Do not try to pre-qualify the person in your head before handing them a card. Always hand out your business cards because the person receiving your cards may pass it on to someone else or hand your business card to a family member.

Before handing your cards, try to engage the person in a short chat – preferably about them and their work. This is NOT about you or your business or your ‘three minute elevator pitch’ or the lousy day you are having. Your business card will speak for you. Use their name at least three times during this brief chat. When you leave, thank them for providing excellent service, say their name and hand them three business cards. But wait, see Tip#2 and write a note on one of the cards.

Hand-write something on one of your business cards. You can write your cell-phone number [Tell them, ‘You can call me directly at this number’]; or offer a discount for the next 10 days (creates urgency); or possibly a reminder about something that you had discussed (Call me about the dress shop on main street).

Have your business card professionally designed and keep it simple. It is worth the extra money to have a card professionally designed. In fact, you guessed it, after your business cards are printed hand your design person three cards. In addition, hand your printer three business cards or leave a stack of cards. I would avoid using online business card services with pre-designed templates. I have used those services in the past and have gotten comments afterwards like, "My cousin does dog grooming and has the same card". Although this makes good conversation, it will make you look cheap.

Keep your business card simple. You want people to quickly glance at your card and instantly know what you do. For example one line that says Massage Therapy or Concrete Cutting or Hair Styling or Florist or Photography. Start collecting cards to get ideas and to learn what works and what does not work. Also remember that people over fifty years old have to read your business card. Make sure the font sizes are readable, especially you phone number.

Keep you eyes open. If you see a stack of business cards on a table at your dentist office, ask the receptionist if it is ok to leave a stack of your business cards. If you do not see stacks of business cards go ahead and ask if it would be ok to leave a few business cards. Also, when talking to the receptionist give them three business cards.

It is easy to get 30 clients in 30 days by taking action today with these simple ideas. Before jumping in you must know who your target market is --- and which group will give you more bang for your buck.

Targeting your market as a massage therapist is vital to the growth of your massage business. (And yes there are many target markets - not just one - for massage therapy).

You have made an important first step towards building a successful massage business. Learn the techniques and work smarter and not harder.

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Learn the crucial things that all your clients are desperately seeking from you. Master this and you will have a full appointment book and a 3 month waiting list. Go-here now and Ignite Your Massage Therapy Business today http://www.ourfamilyshealth.com/Massage-Success