These days the key buzz words in the world of marketing and branding focus on New Media. What is New Media? It can be defined by the “concept that new methods of communicating in the digital world allow smaller groups of people to congregate online and share, sell and swap goods and information.”

Using a variety of new media to get your message across such as the newsletter we are writing to you, there are now many, many ways to create pathways that allow your company to educate potential customers as well as provide access to information for products and services. New media is changing all aspects of our lives from online banking to gmail chatting to online job postings and resumes. Relatively almost any type of interaction that was once held between two people in person can now be done electronically, whether the relations are client/company, friends or family. Ultimately more than anything new media offers more information faster and caters to the individual.

OEM is using their New Media business skills and sharing it with the business world by focusing on their Lean101 Online distance education course. The benefits for this course directly address the needs of all businesses in a world where efficiency and eliminating waste to save time and money is paramount, while delivering top notch quality for products that must be delivered immediately once the customer has placed the order. This demand for all businesses is one of the many outcomes from the access and vast availability for almost everything in the new media world.

Benefits for you by taking the Lean101 course online mean, that students can "attend" this course at anytime, from anywhere. Online learning enables student-centered teaching approaches. Every student has their own way of learning that works best for them. Some learn visually others do better when they "learn by doing." Course material is accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Students have the ability to read and re read lectures, discussions, explanations and comments. OEM’s online instructors come with practical knowledge. This allows students to be exposed to knowledge that can't be learned in books and see how class concepts are applied in real business situations.

Participating online is much less intimidating than "in the classroom." Anonymity provides students a level playing field undisturbed by bias caused by seating arrangement, gender, race and age. Best of all, the online course environment makes instructors more approachable with the advent of email.
OEM Consultants have now provided access to the fundamentals that can revolutionize and provide you with the inspiration to begin the Lean Principle journey through their Lean 101 Online course. Now that is embracing New Media!

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