So many of us go through life knowing we could have more, but unsure of how to get it!We know that we have greater potential and long for a better life; spending countless hours thinking and searching, but still frustrated because nothing seems to answer our questions!

How would you like to break through this conundrum?

How would you like to gain access to a process that would unlock your potential for good?

Human Potential is a paradox defined by where our deep inner knowing meets the trials and triumphs of experience. This paradox is both a catalyst for growth and a core reason potential is so widely misunderstood, much less achieved. The fact is that no two people respond to experience in the exact same manner, so how can we develop a set of keys that apply to all people?

The irony is, the very things society rewards for potential such as money, power, or fame are the very things that seem to block our quest. But what truly does define the keys to human spirit and how do we access them? Some say potential is defined by the ingredients such as physical genetics, spiritual connection, or innate intelligence while others say potential is all about attitude! However instead of trying to fit this conversation into a box, we want you look inside and visualize a peak experience for yourself; express that which truly inspires you, and describe that which resonates with your deep inner knowing.

See if any of the following help you get started…
Complete Mental and Emotional Clarity, Masterful Synchronicity with Others and with the Environment, Brilliant Imaginative Thought, The Ability to Manifest at Will, Unlimited Creative Expression, Bountiful Love,
Physical Mastery and Health, Disciplined Focus and Absolute Certainty

If you can imagine any of these for yourself, please read on…

Some think that the achievement of human potential is a long and arduous endeavor that should cost thousands of dollars and take years to process. Some think the attainment of mastery is reserved for those with superior abilities, great tenacity, or higher spiritual consciousness, but transformation does not rely solely upon any of these. The fact is that each of us has a unique and great potential that we are born with, and that potential is at the core of who we are. It’s our job to honor that calling and deliver to the world, our authentic self with utter conviction and divine grace – this is our potential!

You might think of human potential as, “the best possible version of you,” imaginable and the keys to access your potential start by the questions you occupy your mind with; the better the questions, the better the results. I like to start with: What do I truly desire out of life? How does that govern the way I act? And what beliefs or challenges do I have which help, or that stand in the way? Most people are squarely in the process of this inquiry at some level, but human potential depends on our ability to ask good questions and process an appropriate response.

The essential challenge we face to unlock human potential, is to transform the way we see things, our perspectives if you will, and gain access to distinctions about life that make a difference in the way we think, act, and interface with others. With the proper information, transformation can be instantaneous! The bottom line is that change happens’ the instant you make a choice, which by the way, can also be the instant you limit your reality. Life is based on needs and choices, and it is our ability to make choices that determines our level of effect - our human potential!

A passage from the book, “Perspectives, Creating a Vision of Your Ultimate Life,” reads:
In the eyes of the unbound and unabashed spirit, no conquest is too great or too hard to achieve. Some, as though it were their personal mission statement, will rise above mediocrity to take on any challenge, despite any doubt or objections thrown their way. They are the types that love the pursuit of challenge and treat life as if it were a game stacked in their favor.

For others however, life is a struggle. Obstacles represent a deluge of twists and turns that will either break their spirit or put a dampening on any dreams they may have had. Life seems to get the best of them. And rather than pursue what is truly important, they simply react to the conditions and circumstance which surround them. They have no hope because their attitude towards life defeats any dreams and undermines the aspirations they may have had. Why?

Why are some able to take control of their lives, rising above, learning, growing, and finally succeeding while still others cannot? The study of Life by Design Leadership looks at this very issue and helps one to define and take on a possible model for living that will give access to a world of unparalleled success and happiness — a “Perspective” that adds productive meaning and depth to life. The interesting thing is that most people are standing squarely in the center of this transformation and new way of “being”, yet unaware of its presence or how to apply it. (end of book excerpt)

The keys to Human Potential are imbedded in our very Being: spiritually, physically, and cognitively. At each level, we interface with life creating the apparent conditions and our perceptions of reality. Those conditions and perceptions are created from many experiences throughout the course of a lifetime. Eventually though, things can seem to be locked into place and it can feel like we are trapped by our limitations, held captive by the effect of the way we perceive ourselves and the world. However, the world is not a static and linear place, it is dynamic and organic and should you choose, you can change both the way you see things and change your human potential. You see cause and effect is merely a perception in our mind. Let’s examine for a minute, the conditions which stem from the Cognitive Realm.

The study of Neuro Linguistics teaches us that reality takes shape based on the language we use to describe it. Language possesses emotional attachments and associations which govern our behavior. In this sense, a single experience could have two or more completely different associations or meanings based on the words that we use to describe it. This is significant because it is these contexts and emotional associations that form the Cognitive Perspective. Quite simply, it is the understanding and interpretation of words and how we use them that will either limit us or liberate us in life. Words create a reality in which we live and breathe. Words form an innate energy associated with them and have a profound effect upon our human potential on a cognitive level. Subsequently, the combination of words or, “beliefs,” if you will, become the filters between who we truly are and the perception of our experience.

My challenge to you is to examine how you made associations to each of the beliefs you have about life. What does your experience tell you? Does that limit you or liberate you? And start with the toughies; the experiences that harbor resentment, fear, anger, shame, guilt, or contempt; and as you truly examine how those limit you, have the courage to go beyond your initial reaction and start to see the wisdom that each experience truly provides. I realize that on our own, these are huge challenges and that is why we have developed a process to help. The process starts with your request to break through your barriers and unlock your potential.

Unquestionably our world is in dire need of some healing. Each of us plays an integral role and is part of an equation that makes a profound impact on the planet and to the people around you. The work of our organization, Life Directions, is ultimately geared towards helping you to step into the role of Purposeful Being and to cause with great meaning, your Human Potential!

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Bennett Marks is a powerful motivator who has helped thousands produce breakthrough results since 1989! He has developed a number of programs that help people gain deeper insight about their own capabilities, strengthen relationships, become solid leaders, and effectively manage change. He is the author of, “Perspectives, Creating a Vision of Your Ultimate Life,” and is available for One on One Coaching and/or Keynotes to help your group produce dramatic results!