I have been married now for over three years and would like to talk about what I think makes a marriage successful.

By no means am I trying to proclaim myself as an expert when it comes to giving marriage advice, but I do know a thing or two from what I have learned along the way and from people who are in successful marriages.

First of all, there is not just one thing that can be done or said to have a long and happy marriage.

There are many things that go into making your spouse happy and satisfied. This takes time to build and you must be committed to making it work for the long haul.

It can never be a one person does all kind of thing since this is a recipe for disaster! It takes two to make it work and each party has to do their part.

Both spouses must be open and honest with each other at all times along with keeping the line of communication open. You must be there for each other and be able to put things aside every now and then when your spouse needs to sit down to have a conversation.

If you do not know what your spouse is wanting or needing from you, how are you going to continue to make things work? That is why effective communication is needed!

Let's be honest, every day things are changing in our lives and we are always working hard to obtain new goals. This is constant and one scenario that will never change.

What I have tried to do and have seen from others is making it a point to at least talk once a week. If you can talk more than this, even better, but I think once is a must. This way you can both stay in-line with your wants and desires.

Even though you may think things are going well in your relationship and that your spouse doesn't need to talk, your wrong.

Take a break from your busy lifestyle and make it a point to discuss your thoughts, goals, ambitions, desires, and anything that is on your mind with your spouse.

In addition to talking, try doing some little things like making your spouse dinner every now and then, showing up with flowers, giving her a new teddy bear, or even sharing a bottle of wine to show appreciation of what you cherish most in your life!

By doing these types of things, I feel are ways to making a long and happy successful marriage that will last a lifetime.

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