What can you do differently the next time you find yourself overwhelmed or stressed out? How can you add additional self-caring rituals to your life? Below are some examples of interesting things to do when what you need is a "serenity break."

I offer this Top Ten List and its other "Parts" in one PDF file. Cut the formatted boxes, put the cards in a special place and take them out when they're wanted or needed. And if you're stressed out, keep picking up cards until you find one that you're willing to do! For the complete file, go to www.coachmaria.com/personalarticles.html and download the "Serenity Self-Care Cards".

1. Change negative self-talk into positive affirmations... I am ____________.

2. Write a list of the things you are grateful for.

3. Do something special for someone else... and don't tell them what you did!

4. Get enough sleep... take a nap if you need to.

5. Forgive someone... being angry uses lots of energy.

6. Forgive yourself... being angry hurts your soul.

7. Ask yourself... "How important is it?"

8. Ask yourself... "What is it about this situation that I can do something about?"

9. Remember... That loving others does not mean that you have to constantly please them!

10. Ask supportive family members for support.

Author's Bio: 

This piece was originally submitted by Maria Marsala, Life &
Business Coach, Consultant, Teacher and Author, who can be reached at info@coachmaria.com,  or visited on the web at www.coachmaria.com.  Maria Marsala wants you to know: I'm in the happiness business! I work with adults and teens who are committed to making their day by being the person who makes their heart smile. The original source is: Serenity Self-Care Cards by Maria.