1. Jab & Cross Punch

Jab with the front hand keeping your rear hand up protecting at all times then fire your cross punch twisting on your back foot. When you do the jab, pull your hand right back to your guard so your hand covers when you fire the cross punch, this should be applied to any of your punches.

2. Hook Punch

When executing your hook focus on keeping your shoulder high and punching from your guard, so that you don’t bring your arm back when punching, and therefore present a nice wide opening for your opponent to take advantage of. This is a common mistake to avoid. It’s always best to practice your elbow first then add the hook to this if you’re having a challenging time keeping your hook tight.

3. Uppercut Punch

When executing your uppercut keep your elbow tight to your side and aim your punch at the chin or under the ribs of your opponent.
Remember that power from a punch comes from your feet and transfer up your body out of the punch.

Imagine hitting a nail into a piece of wood with a hammer! The hammer doesn’t cause the nail to drive into the wood it’s the body using the hammer, this applies to when punching. Use more than your arm!

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