1. Self Defence Stance

What does this stance say? Does it look aggressive? That’s the purpose of the stance to create a physical barrier between yourself and your potential attacker, without saying you want to fight. Put this with a assertive “back off” or “I don’t want any trouble” and you have a potentially effective method of avoiding conflict. Remember the way we communicate is broken down into the following

• Physiology 55%
• Tonality 37%
• Words 7%

An attacker can tell just by looking at you exactly the way you communicate whether it weak, frightened, confident, alert. Try and look like a victor not a victim, “when your strong appear weak, and when your weak appear strong”

2. Sparring/Fighting Stance

This stance says your will defend yourself if you have to. The objective of this stance is to protect as much of your upper body as possible the following are key points to observe:-

1. Elbows tucked in to protect your mid section
2. hands tight to your chin to protect your head
3. bend your knees slightly
4. turn your shoulder to form a tight and compact defence
5. tuck your chin in

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