The key to success in Network Marketing is to have the folks in your downline duplicate and/or reproduce the same results as you have within your organization. This will leverage your time and effort, by growing your business more quickly and will allow you to create a solid organization all while producing long term financial results.

So what does it take to create massive duplication?

1. You don't want to work with just anybody! Make sure when interviewing prospects for your business that they have the right mindset, work ethic and a personality that does not clash with yours. Remember it's YOUR business and you want to find people that you can work with and who are open to advice and can be trained.

2. Decide on the amount of time you want to work on your business and find out how much time the members of your downline are willing to put into theirs as well. Giving it at least 10 hours a week is important. Of course it doesn't have to be all the same, but it's important that they are accountable and show that they really do want to grow a business. If they can't tie down an amount of time they are willing to work, then you'll be wasting yours!

3. One of the best ways to make your successful network marketing business easy to duplicate is to take advantage of today's technology. That means your company or upline must a proven Marketing System in place. If not then maybe you're with the wrong company! A good system will unleash the power of the internet and do most of the initial "selling or prescreening" for you and your team. This system should also come with training for both online and offline marketing tactics. Remember, people are not duplicable but marketing systems are!

4. As mentioned above marketing systems go a long way by creating duplication, but let's not forget that people are individuals. By offering multiple tactics via training in the back office of your marketing system you are factoring in individuality. This means that folks can use the system to leverage their time, yet pick and choose which online and offline tactics they wish to focus on that will drive people to their marketing systems, so that again, it can do the "selling/screening" for them. It just makes sense to allow them to decide for themselves which tactics they are best suited for and feel most comfortable with.

5. Encourage your team to use at least 3 to 5 methods for prospecting at all times. This will insure that you are reaching more people and will increase your/there odds of success. It will also keep their business interesting! By tracking or monitoring these efforts they will also be able to see which ones work best and which tactic are their personal strong suit.

As mentioned before, we must create massive duplication while allowing for individuality. But the truth is without duplication of your efforts and success your downline, your organization and ultimately your commissions will never grow

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Darlene Tabler is a passionate network marketer, health investigator and researcher who leaves no stone unturned as she searches for the truth regardless of the topic.

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