Errands, groceries, supper, laundry, cleaning, working out, walking the dog, helping the kids with their homework…the list goes on and on. Life gets hectic as things pile up. How often are you neglecting things you are supposed to enjoy like your gym workout? Too often I would bet.

Being healthy doesn’t always have to do with the way you look. It’s also about how you feel. If you are stressed, frustrated, or tired all the time, that will show up in your personality, your workout and probably your physical health. Finding a good balance in life is hard work, but not impossible.

Try putting aside 10 minutes in the morning prioritizing your activities for the day. Think about what can wait until later versus what really needs to be done. Use this time to put your list on paper to take the pressure off of your already scattered mind.

Now that your day is organized, look at where you have some extra space. Use that space for activities you want to do, not things you feel like you should do. Too often, we wake up and our feet hit the floor before we’ve even had a chance to open our eyes. It’s crucial that each day we take some time for ourselves, to unwind, relax and reflect.

Use your first waking moment to reflect on the choice you have for that day. You can choose to be stressed and overworked, or you can choose to set your boundaries and take on only what you can handle. It is not a weakness to ask for help or admit you cannot handle it all; in fact, it’s a really powerful and humbling strength.

Using a life coach can significantly decrease your stress level. Similar to athletic coaching, life coaching pushes you to be your best and live at your optimum level. Bringing in a fresh perspective on the plateau you are experiencing, a life coach will help you set goals to move past your challenges, simplify your life and keep you accountable.

Bringing more balance to your life can improve your health, your fitness and your perspective. Making the choice to simplify your schedule and your life creates space for the activities you choose to do. Talk about freedom! Where will you begin?

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Katie Mattson is the owner and professional coach of Momentum Coaching. By creating awareness and motivation, Katie helps individuals and small groups to have the courage to stretch their personal boundaries, face their fears and take big leaps in life. For more information, to request a complimentary sample session, or to sign up for her FREE newsletter, visit Katie also hosts a coaching blog at: