There is much to be said for being in the flow. This is the place from where dreams happen easily. When you are in the flow, things happen effortlessly, opportunities show up from everywhere and people are helpful and friendly. Here are some examples of some things that could happen when you are in the flow. It is by no means an exhaustive list but rather some I have taken from my own life experience of recent:

You know you are in the flow when:

  • A casher pulls you out of line and brings you to the front of another line
  • All the traffic lights are green
  • People call to offer you discounts on products you want
  • You get through to Delta Frequent Flier on the first try AND get free tickets
  • New clients show up from unexpected places
  • You wake up saying, "I love my life"
  • You go shoe shopping and receive outstanding customer service and find 3 pairs for your "hard to fit" feet within minutes
  • You spontaneously break out in song or dance
  • You find yourself smiling... a lot
  • Articles like this flow out of you with no effort
  • Your big dream feels doable
  • Opportunities abound
  • When little mishaps happen, it doesn't bother you
  • All of these things happen within a couple of days

We all get in the flow sometimes. But what is important to know is this does not have to be an occasional thing. Rather you can create your life to be in the flow more often than it is not.

Notice, I did not say all the time. The reason I do not suggest that you set that goal for yourself is because you are human and you will experience the whole range of emotions in your life's journey, including upset and anger and things will not always go the way you want for them to go. There will always be contrast. But from that place of contrast, we create new desires of what we do want and can get back in the flow again. So a goal I would recommend is to be in the flow the majority of the time or more often than not. Use the times you are not in a good space to propel you forward, to make a decision to get back in the flow. Here are some examples or indicators that could let you know you are not in the flow. (Yes, many of these were taken from my own life as well.)

You know you are NOT in the flow when:

  • You stand in long lines and receive poor service from a grumpy salesperson
  • All the traffic lights on your path are red
  • You spend all day looking for something you desire to purchase and can't seem to find what you want
  • You anger easily
  • You get put on hold forever when calling customer service
  • You dread getting up in the morning
  • Your body feels tight and you feel anxious or fearful
  • You doubt whether your dream will ever happen
  • You can't seem to bring in new clients/business and you want to
  • Trucks pull out in front of you
  • Life seems hard
  • Opportunities seem rare
  • Your dog pees on the carpet and you get so mad you want to ...

So how do you shift to being in the flow more often than not? There are lots of ways. Most of them take practice. All of them take conscious effort. Here are just a few:

  1. Notice when you are not in the flow and make a decision to shift it
  2. Set the intention for how you want something to go, before you engage in it (i.e., intend for a call to go well, to have a task go smoothly, to have a conversation that turns out for the best for everyone, etc.) Visualize it going well in your mind.
  3. Sing and dance to an uplifting song in your PJs and don't worry if you are off key or can't sing (I can't).
  4. Play the "what if up" game. What's this? Sign up for my new no fee introductory teleseminar "How to Be in the Flow More Often Than Not" to find out.

Make a decision to learn how to be in the flow more often than not and watch your dreams come true faster than you ever imagined.

Author's Bio: 

Stacey Mayo, The Dream Queen is a Master Certified Coach. She founded the Center for Balanced Living in 1995 to empower others to live out their dreams with ease and abundance. She is author of "I Can't Believe I Get Paid To Do This!" and creator of the Dream Movie. To check upcoming dates for either or both of the f-r-e-e teleseminars, How to Create A Six Figure Practice Utilizing the Law of Attraction and Proven Success Strategies or How to Be in the Flow More Often Than Not, click on the links or subscribe to our free ezine, Living Your Dreams at