Linda McCarrin, B.A., CHLC

There you are going along…going to work, going to school, taking care of your daily duties, plans for the weekends, etc.
You are taking care of business or so it seems and BAM! out of the blue some sort of volcanic eruption occurs…not anything that you expected! It could be the news of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer…”She was just fine when I talked to him yesterday!” A car hits you…”Where did he come from?” Your spouse or significant other requests some “time-out.” Time-Out? You ask…what the heck is “Time-Out?

Something Happens…that alters the way life has been for you. Something Happens that screams Fear at you.
Something Happens that jolts you out of just existing and into living.
Something Happens that makes you say, ”Why is this happening to ME?

Whether you believe that you choose your life or you just ended up on Planet Earth doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether or not you have not been living your life according to your Path. Everyone has one…a Path…a Journey…his or her Purpose. Most of us spend our lives trying to figure out what that Purpose is. If we struggle with it, it takes longer. If we struggle with it, it becomes something less than what we’d hoped for. Struggle occurs when we lace our Life Force energy with negative emotions. And eventually, our own personal tsunami will hit.

Is this “tsunami” something that simply occurs because we haven’t been on our “Life’s Path?”

No, actually, when you go back and think about all the little tidal waves you’ve been hit with, the ones you haven’t paid much attention to, you will most likely see a pattern. For example, if you haven’t been paying attention to how little your partner has NOT been paying attention to you…all the times he/she used work or a new hobby to stay away from home or even work at home more and to be “busy” doing something all the time and then all of a sudden they want a separation or divorce…well, that’s your tsunami. You didn’t pay attention to the ripples that were building over the years.
Or let’s say you’ve just been diagnosed with some sort of tumor, probably not malignant, but it has to come out. And that tumor HAPPENS to be in your head! Ouch! What? You’re going to open up my head?? Yes, indeedy! And that’s just what happened to me 15 years ago! (I always said I had to “get hit over the head to get ‘it’”). And my other smaller tidal waves? What were they you ask? I can only guess but maybe the fact that my husband and I didn’t have children for the first 8 years of our marriage was telling me something or the fact that we had never even discussed having children! Or that we had been going through life living up to everyone else’s expectations and not our own. Or that we never had really bonded in the first place! The tumor was the ultimate wake-up call that “THIS MARRIAGE ISN’T WORKING!” And not only was the marriage not working but MY life and HIS life weren’t working…we were just too programmed from our parochial upbringing and programming to see any differently. We weren’t operating from spirit.

Let’s say, however, that you have been one of those fortunate ones whose Life Purpose has been well defined and you had no ego trips trying to tell you that you shouldn’t pursue it, then you are coming from your spirit. You know you’re coming from Spirit when life starts to flow. Things and people and situations start showing up in your life…and I’m talking GOOD things, good people, and good situations!

How do I know when I’m coming from my spirit? How do I know if I’ve evolved enough to surrender my ego-like ways?

I was having this discussion with a like-minded colleague one day while going to lunch. I told her that the way it started for me was parking spaces started showing up. “Parking spaces?” she responded with a high pitched voice. “What are you talking about?”
I said that I would get parking spaces closer to the building I needed to get to, or I instinctively knew that as I drove down a particular row that a parking space would open up for me. My friend retorted by saying that they just don’t “appear.” And to that I said, “Yes, they do and it happens everyday I give up my ego!

Another friend of mine who was even more evolved said she would get all the green lights going to work. When I heard this, I knew I was onto something. And so I tried it out even further.
One day while waiting in line at a department store, I noticed a bra hanging from the discarded clothes rack. I “sized” it up and knew it would fit. From the looks of it it seemed to be of very good quality. I said to myself, “Ten bucks. I’ll buy it for ten bucks.” With that I beckoned an idle sales clerk as to the size and price of the bra. She responded with the size ( mine ) and she said, “It’s on sale for $9.99.”
“SOLD!” I said. And I smiled upward.

Last Christmas I was with a group of girls from work. The neighborhood stores were having a “Girls Night Out” event. You went from store to store which was adorned in holiday trimmings and were greeted with goodies, music, beverages and well wishers. Everyone had their personal information on a sheet of paper and had to have each shop keeper sign it as an indication you had visited their store that night. The winner won gift certificates, holiday wreaths, candles, etc. I thought to myself…”What are the odds I’d win?” I envisioned me winning…they would surely call me up the next day! I tamed my exuberance by coming back down to earth and having a free coffee with my friends.
Days went by…even a week…no call…surely I had been fantasizing.
Then…you guessed it…one of the shop keepers called introducing herself saying I had won all the goodies from “Girls Night Out!” Too funny, I thought…I was like a kid in a candy store. I looked up and smiled.

Now, you say, “Okay, you get lucky every so often.” “Yes, I do!” And I keep getting luckier and luckier. Healthier people are coming into my life…job offers that are more “me” than the ones I struggled with in the past. All this adds to a much more “whole” me because I am attracting that which I am.

So, my Friends, the bottom line here is that it’s much easier to pay attention to the little ripples, the waves that come in and splash gently up against you once in a while, by saying, “Get on track!” “Start living YOUR life!” It’s much harder to have to pick up all the debris from your tsunami, that is, the illness, the divorce, the job loss, the child gone astray, or the financial upheaval. The lesson here is: Don’t wait until the big one hits…there are plenty of signs along the way.

Linda McCarrin, B.S. CHLC

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About me Briefly...Certified Holistic Life Coach, teacher, and Substance Abuse Counselor. I develop interactive workshops called Seminars for the Soul for hospitals, community centers, support groups and the general public. Some themes are Life Balance 101, Healing Through Your Feelings, The Spiritual Side of Weight Loss,and Money Mastery.