A Special Report by Bill McGrane, III
If you can't answer YES to all of the following questions.... then love just might be a foreign language to you. 1. Do you know how to recognize when you are loved totally and unconditionally? 2. Do you know why it is important to love and be loved? 3. Are you aware of the ways you can demonstrate your love? HOW DO YOU CREATE THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE? Since love gives life, the language of love brings people into aliveness. Here are three simple ways to assure that you are using the language of love.

Acknowledge each person you meet. Give eye contact and use the person's favorite word - their name! This is music to their ears. Also give people your undivided attention. Listen and hear what they have to say. When was the last time someone really listened to you? Listening is loving. BECOME QUIETLY SUPPORTIVE OF OTHERS. Appreciate other people. Recognize their existence and presence. "Start where people are, not where you want them to be." "Move in and out of their world on their terms not yours." This is the best way to connect with people. They feel special when they know that someone is really appreciating where they are coming from. LEARN THE SECRET OF BEING IMPORTANT. Y ou are only as important as your ability to be affirming. Give affirmation. An affirmation is a declaration to set in motion a way of being. Affirmation comes from the Latin "affirmare," and means to make firm. Thomas Kane, in his book Happy Are You Who Affirm says, "The healing touch of affirmation means I encourage persons to BE who they are, immaturity and shortcomings included, so that their potential may BE realized." Find qualities in people that serve them and give affirmation. For example, "Michael, you are a sensitive person and I congratulate you on how you help others." Be specific when giving affirmation. Give them freely, daily and then watch what happens!

A stone falls into a pond and a circle begins to spread on the pond. It goes further and further until it hits the shore. And then a marvelous thing happens...it begins to return. How do you see the rest of your life? As a still pond with no love? Or a pond of circles going both ways? What a wonderful, warm way to exist.

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Bill McGrane III is the President and Director of the internationally known McGrane Institute, Inc. www.mcgrane.com

He is a consultant, seminar facilitator, speaker and author developing people and growing businesses. Bill provides executive coaching, management development, hiring systems and team development.

Growth is a process. Before you make changes find out what is REALLY going on first. Bill's 26 years experience suggests starting with the Performance Pathfinder Survey to identify the 9 key factors that impact company growth and more importantly how to make improvements quickly.

After the survey is complete then you know the companies priorities and can select the most effective strategies and training methods to assure sustained progress.

Bill's under graduate degree is from the University of Cincinnati, he majored in Business Marketing, with minors in Psychology, Speech and Communications. Bill's Psychology professor told him, "I want to buy stock in you. You are going places and will have a high return on investment." Bill attended the Burklyn Business School for Entrepreneurs. Since 1976 he has been a member of the National Speakers Association and is a past President of the Ohio Speakers Forum. He has been trained in the Disney development methods.

Bill conducts programs with business, health care, government, education, civic and social organizations. Life and career direction is a vast topic. Bill takes you to the heart of the subject using personal responsibility as the key to personal and professional success. Bill confidently believes that with the knowledge of why and the understanding of how, success and happiness are inevitable.

In recent years, Bill's focus has been on turning companies and individuals around -- equipping them with the skills and ability to make their tomorrows different from their yesterdays. It is often said about Bill McGrane, "you changed my life, my business and career, you got me back on track, you helped improve my marriage, you believed in me and gave me the courage to resolve unhealthy situations".

Bill is married to Linda and enjoys spending time with his family, Jay, Hedi, Laura and John. He loves to learn, travel, snow ski, play tennis and have neotenous experiences.