Recently, I found myself in front of a wishing well—and of course, I was and am wishing you well. I'm doing everything within my power to make you a more productive, more contributing, more achieving, more satisfied, more actualizing human being.

There I was—I had the family with me, taking "time out from work." Actually, if you know me, you know I like to do working vacations. In other words, when I'm going through a situation, going through an event, I like to take a moment to see what's there, to relax.

And that's what I want to talk about today: the things that, in broad strokes, make a productive, meaningful life, a life of contribution, a life of success.

I think the first thing, and the most obvious, is career—work. But I'm not talking just about a job… And again, if this is the situation you're in, I'm not putting you down. I'm encouraging you and lifting you up. You're just swapping time for dollars. It's just not that meaningful to make another pot of coffee, to clean off another table, to help another customer return another item.

On the other hand, if you have a niche, if, perhaps, you’re in the nursery business and you see the results of your work making the world better… If you're helping people create and develop their artistic abilities, or if you're offering your own artistic abilities so that you make the world better… now, this may be what I classify as meaningful work.

Obviously, in my own case I'm involved with The NEW Think and Grow Rich—actualization. I don't work; I sincerely help and benefit a lot of people as they improve their lives. I'm engaged in meaningful work. Therefore, when I'm working, it's not working. There's nothing I'd rather be doing in all the world.

And when I get up at 3:30 a.m. to catch a flight, surely I haven't had all my rest. But it's not a big problem. I'm going to be on the plane, I'm going to fly out, and hey, maybe I'll catch a few zzzz’s on the plane. That's been known to happen. When I'm working late, same thing.

That leads me to one of the next things. Not only meaningful work—which, by the way, is certainly the largest part of our day on a normal day, from eight to 10, sometimes 12 hours.

But you know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There's a reason for that human wisdom, and that's that we've got to have recreation. We've got to have play, and do that on a daily scale—somewhat of a daily scale, anyway, because we can’t fit that in every day.

There are times when I take a few days out of my schedule just to be with the family. Love and relationships…that's important, the human touch. That's part of a balanced life. We need it— we have to program it in.

Diet—we need to make the right choices. I walk around in this country of ours… and the U.S., again, which is where I spend most of my time, has more fat and obese and overweight and even severely overweight people than any other country, any other location I visit. It's a lack of discipline.

Psychological problems—yes, that's exactly what it is. Obesity is a short-term, unsustainable solution.

I wish you a productive, meaningful life, a life of contribution, a life of success.

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