True success in life can only come by not settling for mediocrity. It's important that you understand this because true success in life can only come when you refuse to settle for
mediocrity. Your job is to consistently aim to achieve and get the most out of life that you possibly can.

True breakthroughs come when you challenge yourself and give it all you've got. When you rise above mediocrity and achieve your goal (no matter how small it may seem) that's when you can be yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Rising above mediocrity and being a success in life depends on self-discipline and not giving in at the first challenge you come

Life is like a series of mini projects and when you go into a "life project" it should be wholeheartedly. By pushing
yourself just a little bit further you'll amazed at what you're able to achieve. It's what separates winners from losers and the successful people from the unsuccessful ones.

A lot of people say they want to make it in life at whatever
they do. However, only a small number of people are willing to make a real effort in order to achieve their goals. It's the simple reason why some of us succeed in life and why others fail.

How well you succeed in life is 100% about how badly you're dissatisfied with your current situation and want a change. Ask yourself what the new goal means to you. Are you planning on a "little success" or are you ready to do whatever it takes and go all the way to achieve a higher status and become an outstanding person?

Think big and don't make the mistake of accepting mediocrity ... it's a choice you have to make.

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