Here are some simple instructions for meditation that anyone can do, reguardless of cultural or personal background.

For obtaining the benefit of clear thinking and uncluttered awareness:

Step 1: Sit straight; preferably in a cross-legged or kneeling position; with an object placed at arm's length in front of you. Let your eyes rest on that object and focus your mind on your breathing, counting each breath up to nine and starting again at one. Let all other thoughts fade out for now.

Step 2: Try to bring your thoughts to a complete stop. Any images; conversation; memories; etcetera should be tossed out for now. If you can get a few seconds of mental silence; that's enough, pushing for an hour or so would be overdoing it.

Step 3: Let your thoughts flow without reacting to them. Any sounds; images; conversations; memories; etcetera, should be simply observed like objects foating in a stream beside you.

Step 4: Practice going from step 2 to 3 and back. Pay attention to the differences between the two states.

Step 5: After developing some control and getting used to these states of motion and rest, and having compared their differences, hold yourself in-between them; at a point where reguardless of what you experience; it doesn't effect your consciousness. Maintain that clarity while making decisions and interacting in daily life.

Author's Bio: 

Having studied Asian Martial Arts for over 25 years, Eastern and Western philosophies and religions for over 20 years, massage techniques and herbal remedies for over 15 years, along with: Japanese, some Chinese, Physics; Chemistry; and Electronics, Mr. Schaefer currently is licensed as a massage therapist and as an acupuncturist, and holds a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.