Meditation and EFT empower you with tools to find inner peace. Financial markets and the state of the economy got you stressed? Stress left unmanaged can cause illness. Follow these quick and simple secrets to bring your body, mind and spirit back to center.

1. Practice 15 minutes of meditation at the beginning of your day. Create a space where you can be quiet and undisturbed. Place a candle in the space and music. In order to create a habit of meditation you must establish a ritual and be dedicated and consistent.

2. Embrace your resistance and create an attitude of acceptance for where you are. It is easier to quiet your mind after 5-10 of exercise. This can be running on a rebounder, dancing, tai chi, yoga or just walking.

3. Sit quietly and follow your breath. Alternate nostril breathing can be very effective in balancing the right (creative mind) and left (analytical mind).

4. Here is an Emotional Freedom Technique to practice at the beginning of your meditation. Tap on the inside corner of each finger tip, repeating "I choose to quieten my mind and connect with inner peace." Let this statement become your mantra.

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