Hello, my friends! Today I'm going to talk about a concept that comes straight out of Chapter 13 of The NEW Think and Grow Rich—HoloMagic, the Sixth Sense, the other dimension.

Even though we're going to focus in on a specific point, the whole chapter is about triggering the self-fulfilling prophecy and the Law of Attraction, making these seemingly inexplicable and very rare psychic occurrences a constant companion in your life.

It is for achievers and it is for people who dream big, and it is for those who obviously are spiritual who develop this path. (Note, I did not say "religious"—I said "spiritual.")

Meditation is one of the focus devices that you can use, one of the mind stimulants. Now, obviously, if you use others—for instance, if you're in love and you're meditating, attempting to achieve a goal—that would be even better.

But meditation is a common process. In Chapter 13 we describe Elmer Gates and his principles for how he goes into a meditative trance.

Right now, I just want to cut it to you real quick with five simple points—and these are not in the book, these are bonus points! These are five simple points that you can use to know where you're going and to know how to go when you're entering meditation.

They all start with an "a"—that makes it aaaceptionally easy. It's five points—I think of them as five fingers on a hand. If you get all five, you can't go wrong.

1. Attune
2. Ask
3. Accept
4. Amen
5. Act

This describes a whole process. Number one, attune. Sit in a comfortable chair, take several deep breaths, close your eyes, turn your eyeballs up so you're looking at the third eye, that spot about where your eyebrows meet in the center. Attune—put yourself in position.

In other words, I'm saying this is not like an intuitionmeditation is an active event. You're waiting for something to happen. You attune to the Cosmic, you tune into the issues of your definite chief aim and the current project…

Number two, now that you're in that focused alpha place, ask. State your goal, state your outcome, state your challenge, state what you want—obviously, silently, but to the HoloCosm.

Number three, accept. That is, after you've spent some time describing the challenge, where you're at, where you want to go, coast. Let the HoloMagic talk to you.

And then #4, say “Amen! Accept what you get. “Amen! I thank you, Great Spirit, for speaking with me.”

And then the biggie, #5, because after you Amen, you're closing off your time with HoloMagic, with the HoloCosm directly in those dimensions. Number five, get out and act. Do what you have been inspired to do!

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