By Carol Tuttle

Carol Tuttle is a Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

1. You are holding on to old, limiting beliefs about money. Most of the thoughts about money you think in a day are about how much money you do not have. You are just recycling the same limiting beliefs over and over every day of your life. It is so familiar, it has become a part of your self-identity, but you know it is not a part of your true identity because it causes you discomfort.

Anything that causes you emotional discomfort is a belief that contradicts your God-given truth.

It is simple to release these limiting beliefs that are causing a lack of money flowing into your life with simple energy-clearing techniques and replace those old beliefs with new truths that flow more money to you.

Start releasing these beliefs of lack with this simple technique: Make your hand into a fist.Rub your fist in a circular motion on the middle of your chest (your heart chakra-to see a diagram of where this energy center is visit The Chakra Store) and repeat the following: "It is safe to get over this problem and it is time to let go of these limiting beliefs." Repeat this five to six times as you rub the center of your chest.

2. You keep focusing on what you don't want. Your mind is in the habit of "figuring out" what you need to change to make more money. Your thinking mind is convinced that that is how the problem will be solved; yet, that is what keeps the problem constant and present in your life. The law of attraction has no exclusion.

The law is that whatever you focus on, you create more of.Stop your thinking mind from its obsessive habit of looking at your lack of money.Change that thought to "I am focusing on the good that I do have and as I focus that will grow." "I am prosperous and focusing on all the money that flows to me with gratitude and thanks."

A simple technique to help reprogram your thinking mind is to press your fingertips on your forehead just above your eyes while repeating the above statements.

3. You have bought into the collective belief that you can barely survive and are just getting by. The world offers us one reality to believe in. Within that reality we have the agency and right to choose to go along with it or create our own reality. The world currently believes that "times are hard," "times are scary," "terrorists could attack at any moment," "the economy is bad," etc., etc., etc.

Even though the world reality is choosing this, you can choose an alternative reality. We are only bound by belief. Choose the following beliefs to create a reality to help you thrive:

"Times are good for me and my family."

"I am prepared and I choose to live in the moment and focus on how safe my immediate world is."

"I am grateful to know that God is watching over me and the entire world to assist us in choosing a peaceful solution to our differences."

"I am grateful that my business is flourishing and I have more than enough money for my needs."

The greatest power you have to change the world's reality is to change yours.

Stay free of condemning or judging the collective belief. Choose to bless it and allow it. If you condemn it or judge it, you create a stronger force of opposition and polarity that makes that reality more powerful. It just is.

It is quite easy to change your beliefs and your energy with money. In doing so you create a shift and more money can flow to you. For more techniques and insights on how to change your patterns of lack with money into patterns of prosperity please refer to my audio seminar available on CD titled Creating Money.

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