Extracted from "Parables for a Modern Age")

All is not lost, my fellow humans, for I am of the Divine and I wish to inform you that there is a great plan afoot and much to rejoice about. Do not fear for God is near, nearer than you may realize. Let there be no more doubt about this. For I have spoken to you down through the ages, through your great ones who translated my thoughts into words and placed them in books. Your Bible is one such thought as were many of your ancestors’ classical writings, back when I was moved to inspire the great ones of your race. Do not despair, my fragile ones, for I have come to you here to deliver wonderful news. You are indeed Whole. You are indeed Free. You are indeed Holy. Take these thoughts into your heart and know that this is true. For I have spoken, and I speak only the truth.

There was a time, not so long ago, when you could not hear my words at all; when you thought that all there was to life was survival. You ran with the beasts then, unconscious, unaware of My Presence in your circumstances. You were frightened, lost and scared. Many of you feel that way today – frightened, lost and scared once again. Your systems of government fail you, your scientists let you down. No one seems to have answers of any substance. Wars are engaged in for no apparent reason, to fend off some “potential” threat. You delve into alcohol and drugs for relief. You belittle yourselves. You live in a state of quiet despair, all the while forsaking that which could truly set you free – your Self, your Innermost Being – that part of you that connects you to all of life and, to Me, from where you derive your primary sustenance.

I have not betrayed you. I have not deserted you. You have lost and abandoned your Selves. This has been your error, my dear ones, for I, the God of Love, would never abandon His seed. I reside in each and every one of you. Some of you can hear Me, most cannot. Some of you can feel Me, most do not. It is you who have misplaced Me and not the other way around. I am the truest and most consistent experience in your life. Throughout your history I have been there, breathing into each and every one of you, guiding you and proclaiming your true nature. Sometimes one of you heard Me and told the others, only to have this forgotten again soon after. Throughout history I have had to remind you of your true nature and My Presence in it. Here I am once again, making that very same point and hoping that this time you’ll remember.

Would you like to hear the story of the Fall? I will share it with you once again. In the beginning there was a void, a vast unknowing, a lack of form. The God of Love, Who I am, wanted to create an experience of “knowing,” an experience of “appreciation,” where you, my creations, could realize yourselves and see yourselves evolve. The inspiration came to create a being in My likeness who would reflect my greatest qualities, give those form and make them accessible. And there you were born my special ones, by Divine decree. By My word you were brought to life. You were spirit then and only spirit. You had no form as you know it today, only essence. But that essence was magnificent, enough to make Me very proud. You became fruitful and multiplied because that is a characteristic with which you were endowed. You created each other then, replenishing and furthering the Divine spark through one another.

This initial process continued for some time until one day some of you decided that you wanted more power, to create and replenish yourselves. And so it was granted. The power to create and duplicate yourselves was passed over to you exclusively, to use wisely I hoped, but to use freely nevertheless.

My greatest gift to you was your freedom. I set you free to create as you would. And you did so honor Me. Then came a time when some of you came forth and demanded more power, the power to control others, the power to manipulate and to deceive. There was no thought on my part to extend this to you, but you took it anyway. Your freedom, already granted, justly permitted it.

I was distraught of course, but could only observe since you were free to act as you would. I watched you perpetrate various horrors on each other, all in the name of experimentation. I watched you judge and punish each other in the name of the Good and the Holy. You continued in this manner for a time, unaware of how you were hurting each other and, therefore, your Selves. Then I decided to make “form” from “essence” to move the experiment out of the void and extend it into the visible, where spiritual essence could be manifest. In your world, that form is human.

This humanness is just a distraction, a plaything if you wish, for you to see and experience your lessons with each other. At some point this essence, which had become form, forgot itself and its origins. All the while the plan carried on as you exercised on each other your various experiments and lessons.

And these are still going on today. Your callousness, your manipulations and various atrocities continue to be perpetrated on each other in the name of learning. But in your hands this process has always been about power, for those of you who want more and those who want less. Your appetite for power has fueled your greed and the desire to be greater than that which created you. This is at the root of your failure to evolve beyond your Earthly circumstances.

That, my dear ones, is the Story of the Fall. You were great, you were beautiful and you were grand in all manner. But in your hurry to conquer, or avoid being conquered, you lost your Selves. No matter what you believed you had won, in seeking power over each other, you had in fact lost. There is never anything to be gained by conquering another because you are all the “same.” You are all equal, equal to Me in fact and we are all One.

What purpose has all this experimentation served? To teach you about limits and boundaries, about healthy interaction, about truth and love, about sharing and justice – all your great human precepts, which so many of you violate and treat with disdain. So where does that leave you now? On the brink of destruction? Perhaps. On the brink of discovery? Perhaps also.

I am here reminding you Who you are, Who you Really are. And you are all much more than you realize. Your experiment with power has failed. There is no greater power than the Self and Its Divine inheritance. There is no greater truth than that which I offer. There is no greater reward than what leads you back to your Core, your Self, your own True Nature, and your Divine right To Be. I plead with you, my dear ones, to awaken to this truth. You are Divine and you are Eternal. You are of the Everlasting Light. Do not deceive yourselves by believing otherwise. There is no other truth. There is no other reality.

I am the Truth. I am the Way. I am the Path. Find your Selves now. That is your destiny and that is your freedom. Choose peace and love and they will take you back to your Core. You must become aware that you are no better than anyone else and no worse. You are what you are, which I, and only I, created in the beginning. No one comes to Heaven but through Me. Go forth and seed yourselves with Love and Truth again. Make yourselves Whole and you will see the Kingdom of Heaven grow before you. Trust this and nothing else.

Go forth in Peace and Love

Author's Bio: 

Maurice Turmel holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and was a practicing therapist for 25 years. Today he is a writer, speaker, radio show host and songwriter. He hosts Rock My Soul Radio which airs every Thursday evening at 9PM Pacific on BBSRadio.com, Station 1. He is the author of "The Voice - A Metaphor for Personal Development" and the Parables series of ebooks dealing with such issues as personal and spiritual deveopment, grief and loss.