Messages of Truth

Message Nr. 3

Does this field of Universal Consciousness consist of energy?
No, it is the source of all kinds of energy.
Just like it is the source of all kinds of matter.
Look, it’s all very simple:
Consciousness as such, is the ultimate essence of every thing and of every body.
Consciousness in vibration is energy.
Consciousness in a concrete form is matter.
Everything that exists has these three levels in itself:
Consciousness, Energy and Matter.
These three aspect of reality can be regarded as the three main “aggregation states” of reality.

In our own lives, we recognize these three aspects as follows:
Our subjectivity, our self, our I, our I-dentity, is our consciousness aspect.
Our thinking and feeling mind is our energy aspect.
Our body is our matter aspect.

In Love and Respect,
Frans en Gabriele.

These “Messages of Truth” are an initiative of “Universal Vision Consultancy” and “Narayana’s Rose”, two spiritual organs run by Frans Langenkamp and Gabriele Höcherl. During the last several years, many persons have expressed their wish to receive a newsletter from us. This series of “Messages of Truth” are a means to satisfy this desire. Please feel free to forward this message when you feel you can make someone happy with it. For more information you can visit the website of Frans Langenkamp: You may be happy to know that these expressions are not taken from any existing text, written by me or someone else. They are spontaneous ideas, emerging from the Self (which I know to be the Self of all beings), and which I write down in three languages, i.e. English, Dutch and German. Freshly written, they are sent to more than a thousand persons in the following countries: England, United States of America (including Hawaii), the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain (including Mallorca), India and China. Furthermore I wish to affirm that I do not have any commercial interest in taking this initiative. The only motive Gabriele and I have, is to share the joy that we experience in this universal, liberating and healing knowledge, with so many people as possible on this wonderful planet! In case you feel the impulse to translate the messages in any other than the mentioned languages, I would be very happy with that. If you missed one ore more messages, you can always download them from my website. With Love, Frans.