As I contemplated the topic of my personal journey of transformation, I was guided by my late grandmother to look up the definition of “transformation”. (She was a great word enthusiast, so I knew there must be a significant point she was making as I prepared to write). Upon my research, I learned that “trans” is a prefix meaning “across, through, or other side of” and “formation” is a structure or something that has form. Applying this word both literally and personally, the definition implies that I am on the “on the other side of form”. While this is certainly true in many senses and I bless my crossing through necessary structures as I have evolved, this definition left me feeling a bit like a mollusk. Is transformation really what has happened to me?

I was then led to the word “metamorphosis” (meta = change and morph = form) which immediately brought me chills; I knew I had a hit! I have definitely changed form as I have been trained in what I love to call Spirit’s Boot Camp. At 35, I was an executive in systems development at a large financial services company. Ten years later, I am a holistic intuitive healer teaching angel reading classes and counseling parents with Indigo children! Who knew?! If you had met me 20 years ago at my favorite watering hole in downtown Boston and told me this would be my destiny, I would have fallen on the floor in a fit of laughter – me a healer? – HA! I have most definitely changed form and have embraced an entirely new, very solid and incredibly wonderful structure.

So what is the path of my personal metamorphosis? The butterfly is a beautiful and accurate analogy as it undergoes four stages in its life cycle. The first stage is the egg, which is where I was 10 years ago as an intelligent, energetic woman, while not aligned with my highest purpose, full of potential. Then the egg hatches into larva and becomes the “very hungry caterpillar”. In my larval state, I met my Angel guides and began developing my relationship with Spirit. I took a dowsing rod class that opened all my senses to the larger unseen and loving energies around me. From that point on, my appetite was insatiable for my long-lost connection with my intuition, or my God-self. I had the feeling of falling in Love again for the first time, only my new crush was this brilliant higher consciousness that was mine for the asking and it could teach me anything and demonstrated nothing but Love.

As my tummy grew full with happiness, knowledge and credentials, I entered the pupa stage and withdrew as I assimilated my recently morphed self and decided how I would define my new skillset and ultimately my business. This phase was the most difficult as it necessitated enormous Trust while I waited for my reincarnation to settle. This time of incubation, was a period of extreme focus, diligence to staying on task with guidance from my Angels, meditation and Faith. I had attained the training and background I needed to start my practice, but I had not quite figured out how to combine these tools in an effective and practical manner. I had previously chosen to abandon my abilities as a clear headed businesswoman and I realized then, that I desperately needed to reintegrate and celebrate not just my corporate self, but all of me as the egg that held all the potential.

And finally - the bursting forth of the beautiful butterfly! I struggled at first with my wet wings, but they are dry now and I am excited to be the redefined woman who still carries the vibrancy of the egg, larva and pupa. I feel my wings stretch wide with understanding and flutter in the wind with the strength of Love. I know I am living my highest purpose. While I will always continue to grow and change, I will never repeat the metamorphic cycle to the extent that I did with the reconnection with my personal spirituality, with my God-self.

So perhaps “transformation” has occurred as I moved through structure, but I prefer to think of my journey as evolving through very deliberate stages resulting in an adult butterfly who can reproduce by sharing my experience and knowledge to help other eggs to hatch, because everyone is an egg and has the potential to undergo their own “transformational” metamorphosis! Each soul’s path may be different, but what remains the same for all is to Surrender to the will of your God-self, Trust that all you experience has a higher purpose by looking for the gift in everything and have Gratitude for all the nuggets of gold in your Life. It takes work and dedication, but think of how the butterfly begins its cycle…and imagine if it had the potential to fly, but never made the journey.

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