Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith is the beautiful spirit who founded The Agape International Spiritual Center, a Science of Mind church in Los Angeles. I recently listened to and heard his CD set on the life visioning process. His clarity took my breath away.

Here, for your contemplation, are my notes …

First, you build the field, a field of unconditional love, an atmosphere in which to create. Unconditional love gives itself totally in every place in the universe with no conditions or withholding. He suggests we feel the love and then multiply it—x 10, x 50, x 100. Talk about a sacred space!

Second, situate yourself into reverent alertness. Give yourself to your own capacity and willingness for deep listening. No mistake that Deep Listening is the name of my podcast series!

Third, ask for vision. What is God’s idea of itself as my life? Read that again! What is God’s idea of itself as my life?! Wow. That one was enough to stop me in my tracks.

It means, sure, I have my own dreams for my life, but what are Deity’s dreams for my life? Here’s another: What is seeking to emerge as my life? You must become an asker.

Fourth, ask about change. Yes, change! Try these questions on for size:

What must I become in order to manifest my vision?
Where must I grow?
What is my growing edge?
What do I need to let go of?
What gifts do I already have that will serve this vision?

You ask all this without knowing the how.

Then he says, “Spiritual growth is not about getting—it’s about letting.” Brilliant!

Fifth, enter your own willingness. He names it the sacred yes. Engage and embrace a commitment to your vision. He also suggests you multiply your yes x10, x 50, x 100. Breathe and receive.

Sixth, as always, return to gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation. Remember that your vision is already happening. Let the feeling well up inside you.

Your task is to let yourself become the condition that your vision asks for.

He closes with, “Let the God times roll!” Of course.

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