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Chapter 3
Fundamentals of Microchakra Psychology

Microchakra Basics

The intersection of a chakra with the right channel (vajrene) segments it into seven microchakras. In a similar way, segmentation of a chakra into seven microchakras occurs in the left channel (chetrnee) and in the central channel (Sheva naadee).

Hence each chakra may be divided into twenty-one microchakras. The seven major chakra-s together contain 147 microchakras--49 microchakras in each channel. The fundamentals of Microchakra Psychology described in this book are primarily built upon the microchakras of the right and left channels with some reference to those in the central channel.

Table 3.1. Dominant Trait of each Chakra

Seventh Chakra (beyond guna-s) contentment

Sixth Chakra (guna-s) intuition

Fifth Chakra (aakaasha) creativity

Fourth Chakra (air) feeling

Third Chakra (fire) assertiveness

Second Chakra (water) fluidity

First Chakra (earth) stability

Definition of an Opening and a Block
Chakra-s and microchakras are located in the feeling body and are functioning perfectly at all times. It is the access to the microchakra that becomes blocked in the physical body. Calling a microchakra “blocked” is only a manner of speaking, like saying, “The sun is rising.” It would be more accurate, albeit cumbersome, to say that the physical pathway to the microchakra is blocked.

A microchakra is open when all seven rays of the solar spectrum pervade that microchakra. It is designated as blocked when all seven rays are absent. This is true in all three channels.

Blockage may commence at any level--from organ to molecule. It proceeds to the quantum interface between the physical and subtle fields. Microchakra Psychology represents degrees of opening on a seven-point scale ranging from 1 (blocked or minimal vibration) to 7 (completely open or maximum vibration).

Formation of Openings and Blocks
At conception the right and left channels are completely blank--a tabula rasa.

The Fetus
Some blocks may develop during the fetal stage if the mother experiences any of the following while carrying the child:

1. Various types of physical injury or infections
2. A poor diet
3. Use of certain drugs or inhalants
4. Sexual intercourse during the late stage of pregnancy

At birth, all of the microchakras are in a neutral state (neither opened nor blocked) with two exceptions:

1. The microchakras that have become blocked during pregnancy
2. In the fifth, sixth, and seventh chakra-s most microchakras in the left channel
are open

This is why some very young children may show amazing intuition and openness to all life. These natural assets usually disappear by puberty, as most cultures do not provide an environment necessary to maintain the required openings.

The Right Channel
All fetuses have solar energy in the cerebral cortex. When the baby is ready, the mother’s contractions massage baby’s head and the energy begins its gradual descent in the right channel from the top of the seventh chakra to the bottom of the first chakra. In girls, this process requires three years; in boys it takes three and one-half years. The downward descent of energy in the right channel is a perilous journey. The human child during this time is quite helpless. It is dependent upon the wisdom and love of the adults who are caring for it--usually the parents, particularly the mother. If the care is optimum, all microchakras in the right channel will be opened and the arrival of the total spectrum of light in the first chakra can be represented by the elephant with a trunk of seven rainbow colors.

Unfortunately, optimum care is the exception and not the rule. Many child-rearing practices are blemished, usually through ignorance of the subtle energies. The result is impaired flow of energy in various microchakras. These blocked microchakras of the right channel form obstacles to ego refinement and are part of the karmic package with which the individual must cope. Once a block is made in a right-channel microchakra there is no known way to remove it or open it to any degree. That is why the first three or three and one-half years are a critical period, which require the utmost attention to the needs of the child.

Though a right-channel block cannot be removed, the effect that it has can be greatly mitigated by using the mind and InnnerTuning practices to open the corresponding microchakra in the left channel. Energy ascending in microchakras of the left channel will compensate significantly for the blocks of the right channel. Other issues surrounding right-channel blocks will be discussed below.

The Left Channel
Beginning in the second half of the first chakra age, right-channel development is complete (all openings and blocks have been established). When the hot solar energy reaches the bottom of the right channel, it is cooled by the earth element in the first chakra and converted to lunar energy. This lunar energy then ascends in the left channel toward the “third eye” and crosses over to its ultimate destination in the right hemisphere of the brain. The greater the degree of opening at the base of the right and left channels, the more copious will be the flow of energy up the left channel.

Openings and blocks may form in the left channel at any time in life. Their formation is a consequence of life experiences and determined by psychospiritual practices (saadhanaa).

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Born and raised in India, Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar is a master of naada (sacred sound) and the founder of InnerTuning and Microchakra Psychology. He is renowned for the profound healing effects of his chanting, and he teaches throughout the world. He lives in Pennsylvania.

A student of Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar since 1979, David Isaacs, Ph.D., was a professor of psychology for 29 years at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He lives in New Jersey.