Are you finding yourself lost? You can't find yourself again or remember who you once were? Maybe your spouse has died, or all your children have left the nest, or you simply realize you haven't been in the mainstream for a lot of years! Aach! What happened? You used to be so "with it." So "avant-garde" when it came to innovative ideas and creative endeavors.

Are you feeling stale? Wilted? Mad?!

There's lots you can do to re-enliven that old part of you who used to know how to pave new ways, till new ground, make waves, and yes create havoc if necessary!

Let 'er out!

Figure out (remember!) what it is/was you were always passionate about. Writing? Painting? Growing orchids? Macrame? Whatever . . . ! If that part of you is still bursting at the seams and just dying to be realized, then let 'er out! Indulge yourself in that long-repressed passion.

If none of the old appeals, in what direction do you find yourself longing now? Could be the furthest thing from the macramé mama you used to be. Maybe you see yourself in a business suit conducting a meeting on "futures." Or maybe you see yourself in overalls ferreting out the most recent and virulent parasite endangering the hog market.

Whatever! Go for it!

"Money," you say. "I need it." "To be able to fulfill my dreams."

Well, there is a plethora of home-based businesses out there now for you to consider and engage in. Find the one you like and go for it! You can do it. Use that old drive you have always had and realize your dreams!

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Baby boomer Leta Worthington and Stephanie Yeh are the Pajama Mamas, founders of No Brainer Networking and XanGo independent distributors, the network marketing site for people who hate to network (and want to earn a profit in their pajamas!). The Pajama Mamas have over 2 decades of success in networking marketing. Learn more and access free home-based business resources at