You have the power within you to determine just what sort of day you have EVERY day.

There are many, many websites dedicated to proving this to you.

There are many, many courses for which you must pay a fee which will also tell you the same thing.

There are also many, many free courses which will confirm that you and you alone will determine how your day begins and ends.

OK there are always unexpected delays, setbacks and disappointments which serve to knock your self confidence but these are to be expected and even welcomed.


Because each experience in life should be used to prepare you better for the next. Learn, develop and grow from these setbacks.

You did this as a child otherwise how come you learned how to stand up and walk?

If you had not persisted and tried again and again after falling over countless times as a child you would still be on all fours.

So next time you have a disappointment or a setback just think back to how you handled such things as a kid and get on with it instead or feeling sorry for yourself and sulking.

Author's Bio: 

Malcolm has many years experience in sales and marketing management. He has supported the growth and personal development of many hundreds of sales and mangement personal over a thirty five year career. Malcolm is also a business relationship consultant and has a Team Inertia busting software package 'TeamFacilitate'in the final stages of development