Mind Freedom Exercises
Exercises To Do On Your Own
by Al Link and Pala Copeland

The Witness

When you act without thinking, caught up in habit, emotional overreaction, or conditioned behavior, you become powerless. Cultivating your observer consciousness—the ability to see yourself objectively as you act and react in your daily life—gives you the power of choice. This simple exercise helps you start to awaken your witness.

Time for Exercise: five minutes

Properties Required: none


For five minutes today put on your “witness hat” and observe carefully and in detail what you are doing. For example: “Now I’m walking to the fridge to get an ice cream snack. Why do I want it? Because I’m bored and tired. Is there something else I can do instead? All right, I’ll have a long drink of water and then relax with a good book for a few minutes. Now I’m getting a glass and filling it with water. I’m drinking the water, and it feels cool and refreshing. I’m walking slowly toward the bookshelf to select a book…(and so on for five minutes).”


Although you might feel silly, speaking aloud your observations helps you witness. Doing things that make you feel a little foolish helps you move past the tendency to take yourself too seriously. Life is serious, but it doesn’t have to be grave.

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